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RUNNING HEAD: ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE APPLICATIONS3.1 BASELINE ARCHITECTUREThe current state of the Archifarm business, as documented in assignment 1 and 2 is an input andoutput process where the farmers feed the cows and provide medical care in expectation of the milk.The main challenge faced is the poor disease detection techniques leading to sporadic low milkproduction cycles which the business is liable to pay some penalties for.At the moment, the main stakeholders are:Archifarm Administration who are in charge of managing the costs and upholding the quality ofthe milk.Diary Retailers who control the pricing based on quantities and quality.Animal Feed Suppliers who regularly provide the feeds at a constant rate.Maintenance Contractors who maintain the machinery in the New South Wales farm units.When looking at the goals, the main goal is increasing the profit margins. This could be done by:Reducing costs: the production process and administrative costs.Increasing profits: by up-scaling the business and increasing both quality and quantity of the milkproduced.The administrative structure of the organization comprises of:A head office based in Sydney from where the corporate executives are based. This is where majordecisions are made and all documentation from the farm is sent for analysis and future planning. Italso consists of a logistics and a client liaison department.Archifarm main site: this is the main production site in Victoria run by a Site Manager. The siteadministrative office has a management and human resource functionality.Archifarm small sites: these are smaller sites with less functionality as they outsource maintenancecontractors.Business Functions:Feeding of the animalsDisease managementAnimal managementMilk productionMachinery maintenanceBusiness Processes:Breeding and rearingFeedingAnimal health careReport and operational data recordingMilk production1
RUNNING HEAD: ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE APPLICATIONSFigure 1 below shows the baseline architecture.Figure1: Consolidated baseline architecture (Business and motivation)3.2 TARGET ARCHITECTURE:The target architecture of this farm is basically an implementation of the goals defined above. Themajor difference between these 2 architectures are:Animal Healthcare: this would affect both the business function and processes in the followingways:oBusiness function: the disease management function would be aided by the use of the PLFtechnologies. These enable for there to be and automated method of assessment leading tosmoother treatment options.oBusiness processes: following the changed business function, the process of disease sensingwould be an ongoing process rather than a scheduled or responsive one. This means that thetreatment offered would be for both mitigatory and responsive treatment. There would also beno need for constant recording of data as there would be a system of automated recordingusing the PLF technologies.2
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