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Organizational Behavior(A CAPCO case study)
INTRODUCTION Organizational behaviour is a study of individual or group behaviour within anorganization which affects the organizational performance. The success of the company dependsupon the individual and group behavior (Corbett, 2010). Hence, current theories of HRM can beused for managing behavior of individuals in the workplace. This unit also explains that in whatmanner behaviour of individuals is influenced by culture. The report herewith is focused towardscase of CAPCO which is a cutting edge company that serves financial sector on an internationalbasis. This organization employs over 2000 people all around the globe and it is rated as one ofthe best companies to work for in the “Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list” in 2013. The first section of report discusses about organizational structure and culture ofCAPCO. Further, it compares it with the structure and culture of IG Group which is a UK-basedcompany that deals with financial derivatives market. The factors influencing individualbehaviour in CAPCO are discussed. The next section of this unit, assess the effectiveness ofdifferent leaderships at CAPCO and other organisation and also evaluates different approaches tothe management. Here, in this report, it stresses on different leadership styles on employeemotivation by applying the motivational theories. The nature of groups and group behaviourwithin CAPCO is discussed and it also emphasizes on promoting or inhibiting the developmentof effective teamwork. In addition, the impact of technology on team functioning within CAPCOand IG Group is also explained. TASK 11.1 Compare and contrast CAPCO’s structure and culture with IG Group The structure of organization can be seen in many forms such as flat , hierarchy,departments however, it is influenced by the purpose, size, complexity of the tasks, externalenvironment as well as culture of firm.. Within IG group, a tall hierarchical structure is followedhowever; CAPCO has non-hierarchical, team-driven flat structure because it suits organization’sinnovative and entrepreneurial culture. In addition to that, there are specific projects; hence,CAPCO adopts matrix structure where in it requires a variety of skills to complete those projects.In this structure, the cited company has fewer layers of management and chain of command goesfrom top to bottom (A Capco case study. 2016). Due to this, the, communication channels has
become clear and effective. On the other hand, IG group has a hierarchical organizationalstructure in which communication channels is not clear due to large chain of command.Figure 1 CAPCO's organizational structure(Source : A Capco case study. 2016)CAPCO adopts an entrepreneurial and innovative culture which supports its structure andencourages individuality, integrity and openness within the workplace. However, IG groupadopts role culture as there is a tall and long chain of command. In this type of culture, thepeople have clear authorities in a high defied structure. However, hierarchical bureaucracy isfound along with a little scope of expert power (A Capco case study, 2016). The organizationalculture of CAPCO embraces personal growth and opportunities, quality performance and rewardas well as offers a challenging portfolio of work in which the experience and learning arepromoted. Both the structure and culture fosters flexibility, creativity and encourages risk-takingbehaviour. The employees of CAPCO are highly motivated and empowered as they are free toask questions and give suggestions for their improvements. 1.2 Relationship between CAPCO’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of itsoperationsBeing a leading consulting organization, CAPCO is committed to provide range ofmanaged services and technology solutions to the client companies. The organizational structureand culture of company are inter-related. While working in a matrix organizational structure, thecompany incorporates strong values of respect, integrity, commitment towards the clients. Inaddition to that, excellence & knowledge and innovation are main areas for which the citedcompany works for. The entrepreneurial and innovative culture is supportive for organizational

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