Report on Flexural Response on Different Types of Beams

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1REPORT TITLE:A PRACTICAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON THE FLEXURAL RESPONSE ONDIFFERENT TYPES OF BEAMS AT AND DURING FAILURE.OBJECTIVE:The main objective of this report was to experimentally investigate and describe the flexuralbehavior of multiple beams when tested in the laboratory under 4 point bending. Theobservations will be made by observing several failure modes including yielding, cracking orcrushing behaviors.APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT:Timber beamTimber beam which has been laminated.Metal beam (steel)Beam made of concrete and that has little reinforcementBeam made of concrete and that has much reinforcement4-point bend testing machine
2PROCEDURE:Each of the beams’ widths and thicknesses were measured and recordedThe loading block was set on the 4-point bend apparatus and gripped at the upper andlower gripping heads respectively.The first beam (timber beam) among the five was placed in position at the center of themachine with its upper surface to the side.The machine was then operated to grip the top of the beam surface. It was ensured thatthere was full contact between the specimen and the apparatus.The necessary parameters on the testing apparatus were fixed including setting thepointers at the zero mark.When everything was determined to be okay, the machine was switched on to start thetest.
3Immediately the apparatus started applying force, the beam was observed with increasingloading.Readings were taken on the amount of loading as the process continued until the beamfailed.The same procedure was repeated for the other four beams which were: laminated timber,steel, under-reinforced, and over-reinforced beams.RESULTS AND DISCUSSION:
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