Report For ECO-FONE in UK

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-------------------------------------------------------REPORT FOR ECO-FONE
INTRODUCTIONSmartphone is an electronic device which is widely used by almost all generation as it isportable and has multi purpose functionality feature that can be used for various purposes likeentertainment or surfing (Abi Ghanem and Mander, 2014). For the better understanding Eco-Fone company has been selected that deals in smartphones and other accessories associated withphones from Putney and Richmond. With the growth opportunity company is planning to expandthe operation in Kingston with the motive to enhance the market share. This report cover topicslike overview on the mobile market within UK and forecast the UK market to identify the adultuse of smartphone. Define the potential market for old customer and expansion of business inKingston. Moreover, examine cost of new building, customer satisfaction and quality procedureare covered in this report. TASK 11.1: Mobile phones market in UKa) Overview on mobile phone market within UKMobile phones is cellular telephone that has integrated computer system which allow it torun various software application (Global mobile consumer survey. 2017). With the passage ofeach year the use of smartphone is continuously goring because it has made the lives easier andexciting. Like, the content posted thorough smartphone widely receives the attention of customerand compel them to make the quick decision. According to the survey which was conducted byDeloitte for UK, it has been observed that people have habit to carry smartphone everywhere andscroll it most of the times. For instance, around 17% of the people who fall under age group of16-24 years old look their mobile or smartphones for at-least hundred times a day which can bewhile eating or studying. As smartphone allow the user to perform various work related activitydue to which as per the information of 2016- 2017 at least 37% residence of UK accesssmartphone for email while 32% for voice call. This depict that more than half of the workforceof UK that is approximately 32 million depends upon smartphone to perform their work. Thus,for this they uses internet to make voice calls, check or post emails, calender management and soon. b) Prepare mixed bar chart for the year 2016 as well as 2017
TASK 21.2: Forecast smartphone use for UK adultAlthough smartphone is more used by the teenager or young adult in comparison to oldadult but in future these adult are expected to penetrate 90% of market. This mean it is widely

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