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RUNNING HEAD: International MarketingInternational marketing
International Marketing1Executive summaryThe report has been prepared with a specific view in new approach towards culturaleffect on marketing. It gives the introduction of international cultural effects on marketing asa process in the organization. It then describes the various factors and issues which affectinternational marketing. The issues are language, religion, customs, demographics andconsumer habits. The report analysis the effect of these issues on international marketingpractices of company.
International Marketing2IntroductionInternational marketing is altogether different from domestic marketing. There is a host ofissues which affect marketing practices by companies in international marketing which abusiness need not manage when promoting in their own nation. The main issues whichcompany constantly faces are cultural issue due to which policies and practices need to beframed keeping in mind the perquisites of the nation.Key issues in international marketingLanguage: The issue of language creates huge problems for international marketing. Thelanguage is considered as a significant element in culture. The companies should be aware ofthe difference in regional languages before doing any marketing practices. For instance: onesame word has a different meaning in different languages1. This is to be given mainconsideration especially when doing verbal marketing. Like in some countries people shakehead to convey yes but in some countries shaking head is taken as opposite in the context oflanguage.Terpstra, Vern, James Foley, and Ravi Sarathyargued that there have stayed someawkward errors in the worldwide promotion which did not help corporations sell theirmerchandise2. The latest instance nobody at General Motors understood the interpretation forthe name of their car, the "Nova" which signified "it won't go" in South America.Accordingto Majaro, Gerber ltd also utilized a similar packaging with the charming little child on it theyhad utilized for packaging its infant nourishment in Africa; they didn't understand that withthe high ignorance rate in Africa that it was normal for food packaging to show a photo of theingredients inside.1Vern Terpstra, Foley James, and Sarathy Ravi.International marketing. Naper Press, 20122Majaro, Simon.International Marketing (RLE International Business): A Strategic Approach toWorld Markets. Routledge, 2013.
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