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Report On The Issues & Challenges Of Protest Organization

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Added on  2020-02-05

Report On The Issues & Challenges Of Protest Organization

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Contemporary Issues inCriminology
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IntroductionCrimes in society are increasing due to issues associated with its regulation andineffective management through governing authority. Here, it is very important to take thesuitable action for the protection of people and lay down appropriate regulation for theirbetterment. The present report is based on ways to policed the protest by focusing the issues andchallenges. For this purpose, issues and challenges which are being faced under the protestorganisation and its regulation are explained along with incorporate of suitable examples. Inaddition to this, regulatory framework available in context of protect has also been explained.Different types of protestsThere are different types of protect which are initiated through which public of thenation. It consists of Sit in, Marching and Boycotting as well as legal action. Along with that,striking and breaking the law are also considered. This assists people to accomplish their desiredtask and meet their expectations in an effective manner. The first type of protest is of sit in underwhich people refuse to leave their place and be at a single place (Hasisi and Weisburd, 2014).This type of protest does not harm people due to their silence where they have their demands andaccordingly they decide to move from the place. This would be effective to cater the requirementof all related parties effectively. On the other hand, marching is also applied through whichpeople walk from one to another place along with several signs indicating their demandeffectively. It can be understood with the help of Civil Rights March in Washington. Furthermore, boycotting as another kind of protect take place among people under whichpeople reduce the do business with a particular company or country. For example, Cuba wasboycotted from US. In addition to this, legal action as another form of protest reflects that peoplecome together for fighting against any kind of legal issues. In addition to this, striking take placeamong workers who reduce to go to the job due to particular issue related to working hours orpay etc (Hall and et. al., 2013). Apart from this, breaking the law is implemented through whichdoing something illegal which disturb the activities of nation or particular area to a great extent.Owing to this, suitable action is taken by the regulatory authority to make the people feelcomfortable and meet their demand or expectations effectively.On a critical note, generally people protest in a group for resolving their issues. However,protect from a single people or individual might be considered for the remedies. Owing to this, it
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becomes important for public to join a group so that issue can be resolved in relatively less timespan.Rights for the protestsThere are several kind of rights provided for the public in order to accomplish their workon time. It would be effective for varied parties to accomplish their task and fulfil their purposein a most effective manner. However, there are several rights which are provided for generalpublic of the UK through which they must be aware. The first one is of peaceful protest whichmake it possible to change the laws and policies effectively (Rogers, 2014). Here,generalcommunity have right to stand against any kind of oppression caused by government. This aidsto promote the change in nation support people to live effective life. Furthermore, the conventionof human rights deals with the freedom provided for individual to come together and join theteam for the purpose of accomplishing certain task. On a critical note, government cannotinterfere public in taking the right decision. In fact public can effectively work on the areas ofimprovement and accordingly take necessary action to work in the direction of justice. Thisparticular aspect reflects that protect occurred by general public is justifiable and it would beeffective in meeting the expectations of individual in an effectual manner (Wolfe and Nix, 2016).In addition to this, new criminal laws are formed in order to address that security issuesof the nation. This would be effective to reduce the growing fears of government. It enablespeople to implement the appropriate policy extra powers. This aids to deal with activities relatedto terrorism and anti-social beahviour of the general community. Though, the peaceful protests isconsidered under the right of human being but when it becomes to cover more and more spacethen authority is required to take the strict action. It is considered as the major challenge underwhich police can effective make it difficult for people to organize the protest in case they are nothappy with the current situations (Studdert and Walkerdine, 2016).For this purpose, public must be aware of the their roles and responsibilities effectivelyand accordingly complete the related task. This aids to cater their requirement effectively. Suchkind of practices are implemented just for the sake of protecting the right of other generalcommunity involved in the group. Furthermore, breach of peace is another important aspectunder which police has right to take the legal action against the public dealing with such kind ofactivities. For this purpose, protestors must work in the ground of give responsible and should
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