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ReportLearning outcomes covered LO 3 - Be able to implement policies for the organizational network security.Scenario and the TaskSOFT DEVELOPERS is software developing company which is located in Colombo. They areplanning to open a new branch in Kandy. Their business activities will be started within threemonth time. In future they are planning to develop websites as well. Proposed Network1.10 PC’s for front office – 05 PC’s & 02 Laptops 2.5 PC’s for type setting3.2 PC’s for the Branch manager ( 1 laptop )4.35 PC’s for the Programming department 5.2 PC’s for the Project Manager ( 1 laptop )6.5 PC’s for the Finance Department7.IT Administration and System support department will have 10 PCs. (minimum 3 servers) 8.10 PC’s for the Web Development Department9.Each user will get a login to access the intranet site.10.Files are to be stored in a central location.11.Centralized control of the network.12.One printer for each department.13.The network admin can access the server remotely14.The users can access internet through the proxy server15.Each department and labs are to be in different networks.16.Each department uses different class C IP address (private IP address range)1
17.The network has the facility to provide IPs dynamically as well.TASKS 1.Give examples of existing information security management frameworks. What are theadvantages can be obtained by the company if they implement the above securitymanagement frameworks? Create your own security policy for the mentioned organizationand critically evaluate the suitability how the implemented security policy will benefit forthe organisation. (35 Marks )2.Resource management is also a part of a company security policy. What are the appropriatetools that can be used to control and monitor access to resources in the mentioned company?Briefly explain each solution highlighting their benefits and Cleary Justify the decisions youmade in designing the security policy.(35 Marks )3.Discuss the human resource issues that have to be considered when carrying out securityaudits. You may suggest possible ways to overcome from those. (20 Marks )4.Proper Report Format should be maintained. (10 Marks )2
Assessment CriteriaThissubmissionwill beassessed asfollowsDepth of the taskMARKSTASK 1Give two examples of existing information securitymanagement frameworks which are most commonly used bythe IT organizations Explain the benefits the which the organization can gain byimplementing the selected security framework Create your own security policy for the mentation organization101015TASK 2Explain the resource management tools and how those tools canbe used to control and monitor the organizations resources. Produce a resource management policy for this organizationand justify how that resource management security policy willbe benefit for the organization.101015TASK 3Identify the human resource issues that have to be consideredwhen carrying out security audits.Produce solutions to overcome the human resource issues.1010TASK 4Proper document Structure should be followedProper Harvard referencing method should be followed 55This submission will be assessed as followsTotal marksAllocatedMarks obtained by the student for the 3

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