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Running head:Marketing and services managementMarketing and services management
IntroductionThe paper talks about the business activities and operations of Audi which is one of thebiggest automobile manufacturer companies in the market. It tells that how the company is usingeffective and unique marketing mix strategies. The marketing mix strategies play a vital andintegral role to attain long-term mission and vision of the company. It describes the pestleanalysis of the company to beat the competitors in the world. In this way, the company isbecoming global player in the world. The United Kingdom has been selected to analyse themarketing mix strategies of Audi.Audi is a German automobile manufacturer which designs, produces, engineers, markets,and distributes luxury vehicles. The company was founded in 1910 with its head office is locatedin Ingolstadt, Germany. It is the biggest vehicle company in the world. There are approx 84,435employees employed in the company (Apfelbacher et al, 2010).Marketing mix strategy of Audi in the United KingdomAudi is a German-based car manufacturing organization. It is the biggest carmanufacturer company in the world. It is the core brand which focuses on the effective andunique marketing strategies in the global market (Aghion et al, 2016). It is also making dynamicstrategies and policies for the future to overcome the competitors in the world. In today’s era, thecompany is expanding and flourishing its business activities and operations within theorganization by using effective and unique marketing mix strategy. The main aim of thecompany is to attain the long-term revenue and profit in the competitive environment. The brandproducts of Audi are well known for the brand values and core competencies of the company.The marketing mix strategy of Audi in the United Kingdom has been discussed below (Crossanet al, 2013).Product strategies:The product strategy plays an integral role in order to explore its businessglobally. The product strategies have been discussed below.A. Product classification:The product classification plays a significant role in product strategy.The company analyzes and evaluates the market of the UK in order to determine the long-term
goals and objectives of the firm. Along with this, consumers also plan and carry out surveybefore actually buy Audi car. They collect a lot of information related to Audi before buying thecar. They compare the prices of Audi with other car in the global market. BMW and MercedesBenz are the main competitors of the company. Along with this, the company is selling the car atvery high prices. It uses effective and dynamic advertisement and promotional strategies toincrease the profit of the company (Aghion et al, 2016).B.Branding:Branding plays a crucial and vital role to identify and evaluate the buyers andsellers of Audi. It differentiates their vehicles from the competitor’s vehicles across the world.Along with this, the company uses the effective and attractive logo to attract more consumersglobally. Branding not only helps to differentiate their products and vehicles but also helps tosegment their market among the people (Verhoef and Leeflang, 2009).C.Labeling:It is used by the company to describe the several things of the product. Audiprovides an instruction book for every buyer in the market. This book includes the informationabout the car, brand, and instruction in how to use and control the car. In this way, labeling playsa vital role in product strategy.D.Packaging:It is essential for the brand to protect and secure the products to ensure the safetyand security of the products. Audi uses this strategy in the United Kingdom to attract morecustomers in the world (Naik and Peters, 2009).E.Product support services:Audi provides customer support services to the people to enhanceand increase the satisfaction of the customers. The company is adding new services to delight thepeople in the global market. For new customers, Audi renders free test drive for them. Alongwith this, the company renders after sale services which include 2 years warranty and installmentfacility. In this way, they fulfill the needs, requirements, and expectations of the customers in theUnited Kingdom. There are many service centers of Audi Company in the UK. These servicesenhance and build satisfaction and it increases the brand positioning in the world (Varadarajan,2010).Pricing strategy:It is the effective and unique marketing mix strategy of Audi. The success andgrowth of the company depend on the price of the car. There are various factors affect the pricingstrategy in the global market. The company is differentiating its vehicles from other competitors’
vehicles globally. It will help to differentiate Audi from the other brands in the world. There arevarious pricing strategies which have been discussed below (Aaker and McLoughlin, 2009).A. New product pricing strategies:The new product pricing strategies are adopted by Audi.Along with this, the company uses market penetration strategy to introduce and launch newproduct globally. It will also enhance and increase the sales of the company. This strategy is usedby the company to attract a large number of buyers in the market.B.Product mix pricing strategies:This strategy is used by the company to sell a wide range ofproducts globally. Audi sells different type of model of car. The main aim of the strategy is tomaximize and enhance the profit and revenue of the company.C.Price adjustment strategies:This strategy is used by the company to increase the number ofcustomers globally. It provides some discount and rewards to the consumers across the world.Discount can be divided into quantity, cash, functional and seasonal whereas allowances can beclassified as promotional and trade (Merrilees, Rundle-Thiele, and Lye, 2011).Place strategy:There are various types of place strategies used by the company to increase andenhance the sales of the company. The company evaluates and analyses the place andenvironment of the country to introduce new vehicles in the global market. The place strategieshave been discussed below (Kapferer, 2012).A.Distribution channels/ Market channels:The market channels and distribution channels areused by the company to increase and enhance the flow of the goods and services globally. Thesestrategies are used by the company to promote their products and it also uses indirect salesmarketing channels. Audi monitors and focuses on the innovative products in the world.B.Retailing and whole selling:Audi is using wholesaler channels and mediums to promote andenhance their products to the customers. The company that involves the manufacturing products,it needs to analyze and evaluate the wholesaling process to encourage and promote their productsin the UK by using effective and dynamic communication within the organization. It is the goodsource to reach its final customers in the global market (Keller, Parameswaran, and Jacob, 2011).Promotion strategies:The Company is playing an enormous role in the marketing promotionalactivities by maintaining effective communication. It uses unique promotional mix tools to
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