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Report on Noonamah United Petrol Station

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Added on  2020-05-03

Report on Noonamah United Petrol Station

   Added on 2020-05-03

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Name of studentWeekly journalWeek oneDateHours this weekHours to dateMondayToday was my first day at Noonamah United Petrol Station. I met the manager, Mr. Viranga Perera, who gave me a brief history of the company. He introduced me to the rest of the staff.The deputy manager took me a tour around the company to familiarize with the operations around the company.TuesdayI reviewed departmental policies, rules, and regulations to get a better understanding of the company and also to have a smooth time throughout the internship period. In the afternoon I attended a meeting with other interns and the company's program coordinator. We discussed our roles for the next ten weeks in the company.WednesdayFrom yesterday's meeting, I was assigned different roles. These roles included inventory management, employees' management, profit track and dealing with customer's queries. I talked to the head of the human resource department who explained to me about employees ‘management system. They record information about each employee in the company and alsorecords the total number of current employees according to division or department with the automatic updating of figures when people are employed or leave.ThursdayToday I interacted with the manager who explained his roles in the company. His major role was to make sure the company was administered well without any errors. He acts as an entrepreneur since he is the innovator and a creator. He also explained that he acts a spokesperson for the company when he represents the organization to the outsiders.Friday I got a chance to interact with the customers who visited the petrol station. I asked their opinion on the new the fuel prices and whether it was fair to hike the fuel prices. Most of them were not happy with the new prices and felt that it was not right especially during these harsh economic times.
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Week twoDateHours this weekHours to dateMondaySpent the whole morning in a meeting discussing the objectives of the new week. The manager claimed that it was important for everyone to work actively so we could achieve the weekly goals. I had lunch with one of the employees and he explained to me he felt the company was being run. He expressed his comfort with the current regime and that this was better than the previous regime.TuesdayThe human resource department decided to update its employees' and customers' database. Sowe spent the whole sorting the files in an alphabetical order. This was to ensure that all employees' details were updated without skipping any thus making work easier for the department. After that, we sorted each employee according to his or her department.WednesdayAfter yesterday's sorting of files, we keyed in the information in the file to the company's computers. The human resource manager claimed that this is an important role in the employee management issue. He claimed that is important for every company to have personal details of its employees either in softcopy or hardcopy.ThursdayI visited the sales department to get a better understanding of the inventory management role. Inventory management includes stock management, auditing and merchandising. I had a conversation with the stock manager who explained to me the roles of a stock manager. He claimed that a good stock manager must check the warehouse if they need a new stock and write a report on the stock available.FridayThe human resource department decided to take all of the employees in the company for a team building activity. I decided to take this opportunity to interact with the employees. I learned that actually, this was a normal routine for the human resource department to involve all employees in team building activities. I observed how the employees and their seniors interacted.
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Week threeDateHours this weekHours to dateMondayIn the morning meeting, the manager gave me an opportunity to speak and I decided to utilizethis chance and argue that for us to achieve that week's target we had to focus more on product advertisement to the market world. Through TV commercials and also use of social media to advertise, more people would get to learn about the company. Through such involvement in meetings, I learned that the seniors always listened to their employees to run the company.TuesdayIn the morning, I worked on the profit tracks. I compared the sales of the current year with those of the previous year. This helped me get a rough idea of how much the company makeson average. It also helped get to understand which department is lagging behind.WednesdayI decided to come up with a questionnaire for the customers to fill but first I talked with the sales manager to guide me. He found this a brilliant idea as this would help us get the customer's feedback regarding our services. I spent most of the afternoon coming up with questions to ask customers. The sales manager approved them and gave me a green light to distribute the questionnaires the following day.ThursdayI distributed the questionnaires to every customer who visited the petrol station for refueling. The questionnaire consisted of five questions which involved the customer to tick along the best answer and also a recommendation part, so this would not consume much of their time.FridayI went through the questionnaires that I had distributed yesterday to get a better understanding of the customer's needs and interests. In the afternoon I decided to draft a report from the customers' feedback and also wrote down all the recommendations that the customers had recommended in the questionnaires. I was the last person to leave the office today.
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