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Report on Christians from the West to Fight the Holy Land

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Surname1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameSubjectDateMany reasons pressured the Christians from the West to take a dangerous path to fightthe Holy Land. Pope Urban’s speech was designed and delivered in such a way that it triggeredChristians to initiate the Holy war against Muslim believers. From the reading, there are someoutstanding economic reasons which incited the Christians to initiate the war against theircounterpart Muslims, all in the name of Christianity.It is evident from the Monk’s version that Pope Urban used the Christian warriors toinitiate the Holy war, especially when through his statement that the Muslims were possessing aholy land which was flourishing with wealth and that, the land was full of resources that assuredplenty food. What the Muslims possessed was such a huge landmass which was suitable forhabitation of the homeless Christians as well as providing an ideal environment to pursue theireconomics endeavors to generate enough wealth (“Church History: Pope Urban II’s SpeechCalling for the First Crusade”, n.d.). According to the Pope’s speech, limited resources, highpopulation and insufficient food incited Christians into starting a Holy war against Muslims.Apart from the economic reasons that eventually led Christians into starting war against Muslimswas the call by the Pope to the Knights of France to start the Holy War and from it “they will begiven unmeasured spiritual rewards- forgiveness of all their sins- giving them a chance to escapethe wrath of God in Hell, which is their likely place after living with violence and greed in thisworld” (Philips, 2009).
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