Report on Design of Steel Structure for Pressure Vessel

Added on - 28 May 2020

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STEEL STRUCTURE DESIGN REPORTPRESENT CONDITIONS PROVIDEDGiven Pressure Vessel detailsWall thickness 12mm Hemispherical ends , Material - Carbon steel.Overall length 7.2m, diameter 2.4m3Nozzles (all on vessel centre line), pipe o/d 500mm, i/d 420mm, 500mm long.Nozzle flanges, o/d 600mm, i/d 420mm, thickness 22mmFrom the above figure it is concluded that the weight of tank is 5867.88 Kgs to it is assumedto be 6000 Kgs or 6 Ton for safe design.Wt . of tank = 6000 Kgs2|Page
STEEL STRUCTURE DESIGN REPORTAs volume of tank is 0.75 m^3 , so consider water filled in it completely. So weight of wateris :-mass = density * volumemass = 1000 * 0.75Mass of water present in the vessel = 750 KgsStillage/Structure details :-Section: 50 x 50 x 5 mm rolled steel angle. Welded construction. S275 steel (i.e. yield stressof 275 MPa). Section Properties: overall width 2m, length 4.4m, height 2.4m.Now apply current design condition and check the result in Staad pro.As per provided specifications ,the supporting structure for pressure vessel is modelled .3|Page
STEEL STRUCTURE DESIGN REPORTAs the structure is placed at 5 deg tilted plane surface, so structure is designed in such away. The loading also changed as per the direction of the pressure vessel mounted on thestillgae .All the members allocate as a Angle 50x50x5 as shown above .After allocation of material and section property, then the load is added on the structure. Basicallythere are 2 types of load act on the structureDead loadDead load is considered to be the weight of pressure vessel act on the structure .In generalcase the load is divided into 4 parts due to 4 vertical members.4|Page
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