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Running head: MANAGEMENT1Management.Student NameInstitution
MANAGEMENT2Scorecard performance measure has four perspectives. The perspectives are customer perspective, financial perspective, internal processes perspective and innovation perspective (Sainaghi, Phillips, & Corti, 2013). The perspectives should be fulfilled if the business is to perform efficiently and effectively. The perspectives are measured using various metrics to determine if the organization is successful. To fully understand the scorecard performance test, Humana Inc. in the United States of America will be employed. Humana Inc. is a very successfulhealth insurance company. To measure its performance, it uses different metrics to measure different perspectives.Customer perspective. One of the metric for this perspective is customer satisfaction. Thecompany receives fewer complaints concerning their services, and this is a show of customer satisfaction. Another metric is customer retention. This is proven by the ever increasing number of customers of the company (Yu, et al. 2013). This implies that there is less customer defection from the company. The last metric is market share. The company can determine that it is doing well by observing the ever enlarging market share which is proved by increasing number of customers. It is the third largest in the countryFinancial perspective. The metrics for this perspective include operating income. HumanaInc. receives a lot of income from its operations. The other metric is sales growth. This can be proved by the increasing sales made by the company and people willing to invest in the enterprise. Internal processes perspective (Klingenberg, et al.2013). The measures for this perspective of the organization include high quality services being offered by the organization and also Humana Inc. being a benchmark for other health insurance companies. Innovation perspective. This perspective is measured using employee retention as few employee shift to

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