Report on new service “Pick you up, Take you back: Building

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Report on new service “Pick you up, Take you back: Building customer relationships and sales”This report is for internal circulation to highlight how our new service can be developed for boostingthe business and how integrated communication can help in targeting customers.Integrated marketing communication involves determining the target customer and working back tooffer them services that are needed by customers but not yet offered. The customer focus herehelps them achieve customer loyalty and get repeat business from existing customers as alsobusiness from new customers.Since car rentals are an experience, and not just service, customers would willingly pay a little morefor more convenience being offered to them.For instance, if a person’s car were to break down in the middle of a highway or in a deserted area,the person would not just end up with renting a car till the time their own car is back with them inworking condition but would also need a towing service to ensure that their broken-down carreaches the right place where it can be fixed. Similarly, a company executive visiting another statewithin the country or even outside of the country for a business trip may be in need of rented carsfor the duration of their trip. Besides, even a family going on a leisure trip could be in need of rentedcars.We already have 70 outlets employing 350 people in the U.K. alone and we have had tremendoussuccess in North America despite not being as big as some of our close rivals such as Avis and Hertz.Our customer service has been an award-winning example for competitors to learn from. Despitethis, the company must keep getting creative with its offerings to customers and prospects so as tonot just maintain its market share but also enhance it eventually. This is why it is recommended thatthe company embark upon an integrated marketing campaign that would combine advertising,public relations, and social media communication.The company must let the customers know that wherever they are, they would be picked up to beable to get to the company’s car rental outlet closest to them. Not just this, once the rented car isreturned by customers, the company will drop the customer back home. This service will be free forcustomers providing confirmed business. Besides, if the customer wishing to rent the car is someonein need of getting own car towed to a place where it can be repaired, the company can offer toarrange for the towing so that the customer is saved the hassle of working with one company forrenting a car and working with another company for getting own car towed. The idea of picking upcustomers to get them to the car rental outlet and on return of the rented car, dropping them backto where they came from can be extended to executives on business trips and families on leisuretrips.
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