Report on Sexual Crime Against Women

Added on - Dec 2020

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Sex crime refers to a wide term which includes crimes related to sec i.e., havingintercourse without other assent, sodomy by force, sexual conduct against other etc. Those whocommit these type of actions are called as sexual offender (Bostrom, 2005) . In this report, essayon sexual crime against women will be elaborated by taking consideration of many theories likeethics, ontology, aesthetics and epistemology.Sex crime is a criminal offense in which an individual knowingly harm or force otherperson to engage in to sexual activities so that their needs of getting sex will be satisfied(Buddand Mancini, 2016). Apart from this, there are other type of actions also which comes under sexcrime like molestation which refers to activities done by the individual to provoke other personto engage into sexual activity. Other is rape or ravishment which means forcing someone otheror same gender individual to have sexual intercourse with them. Apart from this, various actionswhich comes under the sexual offence is indecent exposure in the public, solicitation,prostitution, statutory rape etc.Sexual crime has been one of the problem which is still unresolved on various aspect likehow sexual crime should be define so that accurate meaning would be obtained and identified.Other factor is how a sexual offender must be categorised as it is essential not to restrict all theactivities done by the individual. For instance, if a random guy walking on the road waves anunknown person who is of opposite gender then it does not means that individual has sexuallyoffended her and wants to have intercourse in the future. In this article, main focus of the articlewill be on the sexual crime like rape and how it should be handle like on a moral ground or on alegal ground.So it can be said that mentality of the sexual offender is the main reason behind any kindof sexual crimes in the society. It could be removed if various types of philosophy isimplemented to the scenario which is as follows, ontology, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics.Ontologyis the Greek word which simply means being alive. It stresses on factors likeexistence of souls, obeying physical laws, etc (Mancini and Pickett, 2016). It is one of the oldestphilosophy and is highly focussed towards the emotional state of the people. In present world,the sex crimes are increasing at an tremendous rate. Women are not safe at the workplace, publicplaces or even at their own home. The humanity has completely eradicated from the ontologists.An ontological crime is one that attacks the being of the human being, with the intent either to
eliminate or to distort it in a horrific way. Women are living the life of threat in which they arehighly discomfort and not aware of the future that can harm them at any point of time. Thisappeared actual and genuine even if there is drop in the requirement of force in the crime of rapewhich is regarded as uncontested-to sexual intercourse (Bierie, 2016). On the other hand, peopledid not tried to hold a standard loaded construction of consent and address the existing difficultyby drafting a line between those threats that seem to compel a person to choose the alternativeinvolving sex like a person forces to do sex otherwise they will kill the woman and those threatsthat do not like a person forces a women to have sex otherwise they will kill the most preciouspart of their life.The risk covertly concealed the force requirement back into rape, because anyone whowas compelled to do something was thereby forced to do it. situating dignity in a humanrelationship rather than deducing it from an essentialist or naturalist ontology(Savage andWindsor, 2018). It happens because it is not limited by such an ontology, it might serve apolitically diverse international community as a manner of abstract the moral offense tohumanity. Apart from this, the mental ability, thinking, dirtiness has killed the ontology of thepeople. The physical satisfaction of the people has crossed all the boundaries and limits whichhas led to increase in torture and difficulty for women. The human body in torture is a different.It causes inconceivable pain and the perceptible breakdown of the bodily self, expressed in facialgesture, screams and mutilated flesh, turning that body into an alien being or non self. The victimis tortured, not by being decreased to the lubricity and nothing more, but by having that erotismitself become horrifyingly monstrousEpistemologyis a study of knowledge and justification of it, in other words, it providethe solutions of the things which happens around. There are few ways through which womencan identify the other person if he is interested In having sexual intercourse with her orindividual is planning to commit it(Socia and Harris, 2016). Behaviour, perceptions and facialexpression could imply all the thought process which is going in the mind of individual.Forinstance, if an individual is talking with the opposite gender and doing actions which areinappropriate in nature then it could be the sign of sexual crime by the person. To cope up withit, Women must try to avoid these type of creepy person as their main focus is to get the sex fromother individual so that they can fulfil their sexual desire. Moreover, Hypoactive sexual desiredisorder is a type of disease which forces individual to desire for sex again and again. So to fulfil
it, they need female partner by any means which leads to sexual crime in future. Other factor isperception of a male, as mentioned above, perception and belief plays an important role of anindividual as it shapes the activities of person. For instance, if a guy thinks that all the female inthe society is a just a sex toy and can easily be available intercourse in exchange of money thenchances of committing sex crime by the individual is high(Terry, 2017). As their perceptionstowards women is wrong but according to them they are doing the right thing as this is theknowledge which a guy obtained from their society.Other philosophy isethicswhich states the moral principles and decide what is right andwhat is wrong. There are few ethics which if not followed by an individual then they mightcommit a mistake they are not aware of(Uggla and Mace, 2015).For instance, if any guy whois newly wedded is forcing her partner to have intercourse with her then it comes under the sexcrime. As its the decision of women to have sex with the partner as if it does not then it willbreach the code of integrity and self development which is morally incorrect. Apart from this, itis ethically incorrect to intoxicate the female partner to have sexual intercourse as decision takenby any human being while drunk or drugged is not legal(Whisnant, 2018). So it can be said thatforceful decision or decision after being intoxicated is illegal according to laws as well as inmoral.Deontological ethicsconsist several rules and principles which are used to distinguishbetween right and wrong aspects.According to view given by Immanuel Kant, ethical actionsshould follow universal moral laws such as “Don't lie. Don't steal and Don't cheat”. He providesmoral philosophies in three works like :Ground of the Metaphysic of Morals, Critique ofPractical Reason and Metaphysics of Moralswhich are formulated in several different wayswhich is described below. Initially, act only in a manner that a person wants their actions in orderto become universal law which is applicable to everyone in same condition(Deontology, 2019).However, act in such away to always treat humanity, as both the means of action, but also as anend. Meanwhile, act as though a person is a law making member of hypothetical “kingdom ofends”, and therefore only in such a manner that would harmonise with such a kingdom of thoselaws were binding on all others. In this context, as per opinion of Immanuel Kant regardingdeontological ethics, sex crimes and related any crime can be reduced of people will follow suchethical norms in proper manner.
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