(PDF) An Investigation of Air Conditioning System Diagnosis

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1.0 OBJECTIVEThe objective of this report is to update the current status of air-conditioning for liftmotor room Level 52 and lift motor room Level 58 at Menara TM.2.0 INTRODUCTIONMenara TM or Telekom Tower is a skyscraper with 77 floors tall is theheadquarters of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. The building has 22 skygardens andshaped to represent a sprouting “bamboo shoot”. It is one of the most outstandingarchitectural structure in the city of Kuala Lumpur located along Federal Highway,Sprint Expressway and Jalan Pantai Baharu. It is primarily an office building withspace for Telekom Malaysia and houses several well-known tenants, namely BASF,DHL, Unilever, Henkel Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional. All the facilities includingmechanical and electrical system such as air conditioning system, ventilation system,fire alarm system, generator set system and others has been installed since April1998. Therefore, most of the equipment have exceeded the limit of the lifespan whichis more than 20 years.Tm tower has 7 lift motor rooms that control all the elevators in tm towerincluding cargo lift, VIP lift, passenger lift, and BOMBA lift. The elevators are used tofacilitate the work of delivering goods and carrying passengers from one level toanother. In a lift motor room, there are various mechanical, electrical and electroniccomponents to control the lift system. All of these components require certaincondition of room temperature and humidity to maintain the system stability.A typical 3,000-lb capacity elevator usually requires around 2-ton of AC systemdepending on the lift motor room’s location in the building and the climate for the local.Most of building elevator manufacturers maintain lift motor rooms between 16C and26C with a 35% to 60% relative humidity. This is to avoid from the electroniccomponents to break down due to overheat from high temperature. Hence, a goodHVAC equipment is needed to ensure the escalators in Menara TM is always in goodconditions.
In lift motor rooms level 58, there are a total of 8 air-conditioning including 2 fancoil units and 6 split units. As for lift motor rooms level 53, there are a total of 2 fancoil units installed to cooled down the heat generated by the lift components. The air-conditioning equipment are as follows.Table 1 : Split Unit in Lift Motor Room Level 58Table 2 : Fan Coil Unit in Lift Motor Room Level 58Table 3 : Fan Coil Unit in Lift Motor Room Level 53Most of the split unit and fan coil units in the LMR Level 52 and Level 58 hasbeen too old and has a faulty parts causing the temperature in the lift motor room toincrease affecting the operation of cargo lift, VIP lift, passenger lift and BOMBA lift.NOBRANDMODELBtu/hrREFRIGERANT INPUT (AMP)HPAGESPLIT UNIT 1YORKYSL20B6,029R-228.02.0>10 yearsSPLIT UNIT 2YORKYSL28B8,871R-2212.73.0>10 yearsSPLIT UNIT 3YORKYSL28B8,801R-2212.73.0>10 yearsSPLIT UNIT 4ACSONALC60C20,967R-2210.45.0>10 yearsSPLIT UNIT 5ACSONALC30B10,239R-2214.33.0>10 yearsSPLIT UNIT 6ACSONALC60C20,967R-2210.45.0>10 yearsUNITBRANDMODELREFRIGERANTAGEMOTORBtu/hrFAN COIL UNIT 1ACMV-T/L58/LMR/FCU-001YORKDB30WATER23 years1.12 kW110,950FAN COIL UNIT 2ACMV-T/L58/LMR/FCU-002YORKDB08WATER23 years0.24 kW20,900UNITBRANDMODELREFRIGERANTAGEMOTORBtu/hrFAN COIL UNIT 1ACMV-T/L53/LMR/FCU-001YORKDB40WATER23 years1.5 kW160,450FAN COIL UNIT 2ACMV-T/L53/LMR/FCU-002CARRIER40LM40WATER>10years0.57 kW39,580
3.0 CONDITIONOver the years, the parts in HVAC equipment for lift motor rooms will wear outdue to aging issue and several reasons causing the cooling efficiency to droppedsignificantly. This will affect the total cooling capacity produced by the HVACequipment will be not enough to cater the total sensible heat load generated by thelift motor components. The room temperature of the lift motor room will rise damagingthe components which will affect the escalators operation.Table 4 : Fan Coil Unit 1 LMR Level 58 status conditionTable 5 : Fan Coil Unit 2 LMR Level 58 status conditionCOMPONENTGOODBADREMARKSMOTOR/MOTORIZED VALVE/Valve bypassedBELTING/FILTER/DUCTING/TEMP ON COIL (°C)/28.5TEMP OFF COIL (°C)/23.7SECONDARY TRAY/RustedCOOLING COIL/BEARING/Squeal soundsREMARKFAN COIL UNIT 1Bearing, motor, valve worn outCOMPONENTGOODBADREMARKSMOTOR/MOTORIZED VALVE/Valve bypassedBELTING/FILTER/DUCTING/TEMP ON COIL (°C)/28.7TEMP OFF COIL (°C)/25.1SECONDARY TRAY/RustedCOOLING COIL/BEARING/squeal soundsREMARKBearing, motor, valve worn outFAN COIL UNIT 2
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