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Running head: OPERATIONAL MARKETING PLANOPERATIONAL MARKETING PLANName of the studentName of the universityAuthor Note
1OPERATIONAL MARKETING PLAN1.Executive summaryThe higher needs in the competitive market is responsible of the higher demands in theachievement of the competitive advantages, even in the sphere of sporting clubs which arefighting to achieve a better reputation in comparison to the other clubsThis SWOT, SMART and PESTLE report deals with the North side Brisbane football clubnamely, “Hairy Nose Wombats”. This report deals with the complete analysis of the sportingclub to help it analyze the strategies that can be adopted to achieve its objectives and goals.With the help of this report the operational and marketing strategies of the “Hairy NosedWombats” has been elaborated to help it achieve its goals and establish itself as one of thesuccessful football club.2.StrategiesStrategic management is one of the crucial tools to help and organization achieve itsgoals and objectives with constructed tactics and approach (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014).In order to achieve the goals and objectives of “The Hairy Nose Wombats”, the completeanalysis and the measures has been termed in form of a SWOT analysis.
2OPERATIONAL MARKETING PLANStrengthsIt has a huge membership with asupporter base of 25,000 members.Involvement in social activities andsupporting the local volunteers in allthe community services gathers socialrecognition and support.WeaknessLeaving of the members to otherclubs due to better available amenitiesand facilities.Lack of sponsorships and financialconsolidation can result in the slowgrowth and the prospects of the clubas a Premiere Sporting club.OpportunitiesSporting activities in Brisbane is oneof the breeding grounds of highnumber of football clubs that canfacilitate the club to gather morenumber of members in its base.Charitable activities can help the clubgather both social support as well asfinancial support.ThreatsHigher competitions from the otherclubs in the targeted area can be aprobable threat to the communityImproper in-house maintenance andmanagement can result in disastrousoutput and can be branded as one ofthe biggest threat of the sporting club.In order to help understand and analyze the resource request, performance, objectives,systems and the operation plan, the manager of the Sporting club would be helpful to meetthe concern.3.ActionsTo take charge of the operation plan the goals and objectives has been cited in form ofa SMART analysisSpecific - The main objective of the club is to raise funds and gather the higher number ofmembership to win the premiership.Measureable – The increasing numbers of the members and the higher number of donationsthe club receives can understand the objectives and the purpose.
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