Report on Problems due to Rapid Urbanization

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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IntroductionRapid Urbanization is very helpful for the development and growth for the human beings.This has been a prevalent factor for the Super Cities. In the time of globalization and technicalrevolution, the lifestyles and the demand of human being have changed considerably. The peopleare looking for more development in the society and as well as for the infrastructures. Thedemand for luxury has increased to a great deal in the past few years. This report deals with thedifferent type of problems that can arise due to the Rapid urbanization in the super cities.The different type of problems that can arise due to the urbanization in the super citiesand the possible remedies for the problems that are described in the report.The report consists of the discussion about the major problems and selection of the mainproblems for discussion in this report. The solutions about for the problems have also beenprovided in this report. In addition to this, some analysis regarding the solutions are alsoprovided in this report.Factors affecting the rapid urbanizationThe main cause for the rapid urbanization of the super cities are the increase in the rate ofmigration of the majority of the population from the rural areas to the urban areas. According tosurveys it has been found that every week around 1.5 million people move towards the citiesfrom the rural areas. In the number tends to be higher in the areas around Asia and Africa. Themain reasons being the availability of jobs, services and also facilities and infrastructure in theurban areas.
Figure 1: Forecasted growth of population in various citiesSource: (, it has also been mentioned that, the growth in income is one of the majorcauses for the migration of the major part of the population is the availability of jobs in the urbanareas. Other factors affecting the growth of urbanization are better lifestyle, higher income,increased opportunities and also centralized market for the human beings.Problems due to Rapid Urbanization in super CitiesThere has been various type of problems that have been raised due to the rapidurbanization in the super cities.
Rapid UrbanizationPollutionEnergy scarcityTraffic congestionHigh Population desityFigure 2: Major Problems arising from Rapid UrbanizationSource: (created by Author)PollutionPollution is one of the major problems that are being faced due to the rapid rate ofurbanization the super cities. With the increasing amount of wastes in the city the amount ofpollution within the city is also increasing. There are various other reasons for the rise of levelpollutions in the super cities. This hampers various sectors of the city and also affects the life ofcommon people living in the city.Energy ScaresAnother issues with the rapid urbanization is the scarcity of energy within the city. Thecities have the requirement of installation of very huge building structures within the city. Hence,this results in the scarcity of energy within the city. In addition to this the increasing amount of
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