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Assignment Psychology and Its Factors

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Running Head: REPORTPSYCHOLOGY[Document subtitle]
REPORT1IntroductionIn recent years, the approach of nudge theory to the change of behavior arise through thebehavior science in order to demur the traditional usage of the regulation in the various strategiesof health in order to address the behavior of the individuals in relation to the non-communicabledistemper along with the treatment. Furthermore, the testing and the integration of the nudgetheory as part of compendious strategies of health aimed at creating the healthy choices easierwhich are being impended by the inappropriate understanding of its character, implications of theethics and the relationship via regulation. Further, the nudging theory is being discussed in detailin order to help the consumers make healthy choices easier choices in terms of food selection.Selecting Healthy Food is DifficultAccording to the researchers, it has been observed that there are various factors of psychologywhich makes the choice of healthy food complicated. Further, the choices impose tradeoffsamong the future and the present benefits and the cost. For example, having buttery popcornmight be pleasurable for a moment but having buttery popcorn more frequently can lead tovarious problems of health and the gain of weight to a great extent, but the results are uncertain.Furthermore, when it comes to the selection of food, the consumers prefer the process ofcognitive i.e. intuitive as it is relied on heuristic and the outcome is quick as well. Also, it isbeing said that the behaviors which are unhealthy include the consequential cost if they arerepeated more frequently (Folkes, V.S., 2001).However, the long-term price of the decision of food is negligible, consumers incline toundervalue the cost of selecting the food which is not healthy because the consumers fail, to sumup, the overall rate of the consumption, and further they treat every occasion of consumption as
REPORT2negligible and separate. Furthermore, the choices of the health are the necessity for the self-control. Also, when the consideration makes it clear that the choice which is being made iswrong and unhealthy, the temptation cannot be resisted, and it then needs self-control. Accordingto the researchers, it has been observed that resisting the impulses of an individual reduces thecapability in order to resist . Further, the phenomenon is called as depletion specifically for thechoices of food.Nudging as a New and Innovative Approach to Guide ConsumersThe theory of nudging is being described as the phase of the choice framework which canmodify the behavior of consumers in a manner of prophesy even without lowering the freedomof selection and most importantly making changes in the economy. Further, the choices arecontemplated in order to be nudged and are then presented in an interesting and the salientmanner. Moreover, the researchers have defined the various elements which make theimplementation of nudge theory effective like simplification, ease in convenience and ease,warnings, reminders, disclosure, making consumers aware of their choices along with itsconsequences, etc. Furthermore, transforming the accessibility of various alternatives is beingconsidered as the nudges base (Glanz, K., and Mullis, R.M., 2003). Also, it is being observedthat the products which are healthy are being sold in almost every shop, but the amount of snackswhich are unhealthy is not minimized to a great extent.Moreover, according to the researchers, it has been observed that the consumers are exploringthe usage of electronic devices in order to make healthy choices. The device is being placed onthe trolleys of shopping which further demonstrates the products healthiness in three divisionsi.e. the product is consumed more, the product is consumed least, and the product is consumed
REPORT3less. Similarly, the electronic device is used on the trolleys of shopping which contain lights ofLED on the handle of the trolley, and this further indicates the products food miles and theemoticon get changed on display according to the food miles. Therefore, the theory of nudge isacceptable ethically as it helps the consumers to make the healthy choices easier choices in orderto remain fit and healthy.Framework for Behavior Change depending on Nudge TheoryThe architecture for the change of behavior as the strategy of the theory of nudge includesperson, possibilities, persuasion and the process in order to give the desired outcomes inparticular situations. Further, they fall in various kinds of interventions which are beingdiscussed below (Grunert, K.G., 2002).PossibilitiesIt is being referred to the options which are available or the composition of the set of choiceswhich includes the assortment like the attributes, quantity, arrangement and the varioustransformations. Further, by using the nudge theory, the consumers can make the healthy optionseasily or by converting the attractiveness of the available options to the healthier options.Furthermore, it is being observed that the availability has the great effect on the consumption likethe consumers incline to eat whatever they like and whatever is in front of them and theycompletely ignore the uncertainties. Furthermore, it is being observed that various possibilitieshave been shared in order to steer the consumers towards the easier and the healthier choices.ProcessThe intervention of the process persuades the behavior by changing the options position inpsychological or the physical space impacting the item’s ease and appeal of selection. The
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