Report On Various Indicators From Global Indicator Framework

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Sustainable Development Goals of 2016ON 4th OCT 2015.Critical review Success in the realization of the sustainable development goalsis dependent on how well the efforts are guided and resources are directed. If the internationalcommunity can agree on a reliable indicator framework and commit, it will be possible monitorthe progress of the sustainable goals of 2016. Also, the implemented action can be evaluated andrefined. The inaugural report on the sustainable development goals of 2016 shows the pointwhere the world is as we forge forward to realize 2030 goals. The report discusses variousselected indicators from the global indicator framework. The data on the global indicatorframework is available and used to point out vital gaps and challenges. The sustainabledevelopment goals indicators agreed in March 2016 by the UN Statistical Commission will berefined and improved. This will be possible as the methods and data availability enhances.Establishing the collect path and milestones requires the accessibility reliable disaggregated datapromptly. There is a big challenge to the sustainable development goals due to the unprecedenteddata. There need be a creation of national statistical capacity to learn where we have reached aswe look forward to the sustainable development goals of 2030. Some of the SDGs of 2016include the need to end poverty in all its forms and hunger and also achieve food security
without forgetting the need to improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Otheroutlined goals include access to quality education, clean water and sanitation and theaffordability of clean energy. Climate action is also one of the key goals and maintaining peace,justice, and strong institutions. Influence way of thinking and action on sustainable developmentThe report on the sustainable development of 2016 has impacted my knowledge as I can see thatmost stakeholders are committed to the cause. I have come to realized that the universaldimension of the SDGs is fairly well understood. Data from reporting nations show theircommitment to the implementation of the SDGs domestically. Erna Solberg, the Norway PrimeMinister, affirmed that the SDGs had made every nation a developing one. This translates tohandwork towards equity and environmental responsibility. This report has revolutionized mythinking, and I can say the realization of SDGs is dependent on everyone of us. Most nations are starting localization processes to integrate global SGDS in their public policies.This is being done by mapping the existing plans and gap analysis. For example, this has beenwitnessed in Finland where they have seen the need to focus on climate and jobs. Anotherexample is Egypt who has incorporated sustainable development objectives in its constitution. Ithink that more effort is required in assessing the synergies and trade-offs between the statepriorities and to ensure policy coherence in the national agenda. Many nations have realized the essence of the whole-of-government approaches. An example isthe design of strategies such as Egypt vision 2030 or Madagascar's National Development planused in integrating approaches across the policy spectrum. Policymakers have claimed that it is

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