Report on Various Model used by the Companies in the Global Market Oman

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SummaryThis is a report, which has critically analyzed various business model used by the companies inthe global market and Oman. Oman being a country being rich in the field of oil and natural gashas majorly contributed to the development of the economy. The government because of thisvery reason supports the oil and natural gas companies in Oman. However, due to the strictforeign investment rules and limitations, the country was not able to compete at the global. Thus,the foreign investment laws have been liberalised so that Oman can compete with the globalnations. The geographical location of Oman is optimal and this has gained the attention of largenumber of investors in the market. Thus, there has been immense growth in the oil and naturalgas sector due to the free market trade that they have created. Thus, Oman has become thecountry with highest growth rate and foreign direct investment in the Middle East. The facts andfigure show that there was a steady dip in the foreign direct investment in the fiscal years of 2016but the country has managed to bounce back. The Oil companies in Oman are relatively ofsmaller nature when compared to the global companies and belong to category of Sharks ofShale. They have made of technology to make improvements in their level of production. Thus,it can been seen from the study that foreign direct investment has provided stability to the marketand use of effective business has helped to maintain the long term sustainability of thecompanies in the global market.

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