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Report On Vodafone - Management Of Human Resource Department

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Human Resource Management
Report On Vodafone - Management Of Human Resource Department_1
Task 1
1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving
examples in two suitable organisations
Human resource management is one of the currently used techniques and is an improvement of
the personnel management and the inclusion of current improved strategic techniques. The
human resource management is a traditional method and usually perceives human resources like
intellectual property of human capital of a company. On the other personnel management does
not distinguish human resources from other company resources such as machines and materials
and is in this case task oriented (Noe 2012: 34). For example, the human resource department of
Vodafone recruits and manages the valuable human resources in an effective and efficient way.
This has helped the company enhance its performance and productivity.
Another example is the Standard Chartered Bank. Looking at its organization there is not much
difference between human resource management and personnel management. The function of the
HR of the bank is to ensure the firms and people's policies align. Its main objective is to focus on
Report On Vodafone - Management Of Human Resource Department_2
all levels such as recruitment, selection of the right workforce, training and helping in the career
growth. It also helps in remuneration process and recognition of employees. On the other hand,
the bank's personnel management helps in dealing with issues relating to payment of staff.
1.2 Benefits of human resource management to the organizations.
Administrative Function: This HRM role is focused on processing employee data and record
keeping. It also maintains employee databases and is responsible for the retrieval process. With
the development of technologies and outsourcing methods, the human resources process of
Vodafone have been computerized, and this has helped in cost reduction and minimized
workforce. There is also enhanced efficiency, time and the size of the workforce (Lunenburg
Recruitment and Selection of Employees: This function helps Vodafone in the identification and
analyzing the requirements of the human resources. By doing this, the company can fulfill the
job positions by ensuring that the right person is placed at the right time.
Human Resource Development: This function aids the organization and improvement of
employee performance, enhancement of productivity and employee ability improvement through
the provision of the appropriate training (Anonymous 2014).
Employee Relationship: This activity ensures and maintains a good and effective relationship
between and among the high-level and low-level staff. This helps the Vodafone Company
update, communicate and develop various organization policies, rules, and appropriate
procedures (Noe 2012: 45).
Report On Vodafone - Management Of Human Resource Department_3
1.3 Evaluation of the roles and responsibilities of line managers in human resource
A line manager is that person in an organization whose function is to manage other employees.
They are obligated with the roles of and responsibilities of preparing the plan of business
operations, regulation, and control of a firm's workflow. It is also their responsibility to overlook
staff training and development. They ensure that the employees are appropriately trained and
motivated. The responsibilities of line managers on management include employee's
administrator-ship, supervision of work expenses and procedures and ensuring that appropriate
technical skills are applied. They also deal with the customer requirements and consideration of
the operations and employees working performance workforce (Lunenburg 2012:7).
Line managers are essential and especially in aiding in the human resource management roles. In
many companies, they work on behalf of the HRM in performing various tasks such as carrying
out interviews for potential employees and ensuring that assessment forms are filled. They also
provide suggestions to the department on the requirements of increasing employees and the
provision of training and assess the performance of various employees. Lines managers can also
enforce regulations and complaints from employees and unhappy customers concerning products
and services. These roles and responsibilities are mostly in those organizations that do not have
designated expert human resource manager. Their other roles in the human resource management
include involvement of employees where they are evaluated through interviews, but their
engagement is through their line managers. It is also their responsibilities to assess the work of
the employees and their behavior. After the evaluation of various parameters the line managers
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