Pilot Survey to Identify Engaging Opportunities for Community Collaboration


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RescueMe Hospital Change revival and change management Background of caseRescueMehospital is a 250-bed community hospital which is there in an urban setting. Thehospital has been serving the community by treating illness and severe diseases at a reasonablerate. For many years this hospital has been serving community people and become the lifeline forthis urban area. People have the trust which they developed over a period of time as hospitalcured many patients from illness and critical diseases. It also spreads awareness about health andsafety to people.Since past few years, the hospital has been suffering from certain problems like the financialcrisis, downsizing, mismanagement of employees, lack of community focus, the perception ofshut down etc. The moral of employees and community people are down which need a changeimmediately.As I have been appointed as CEO of this hospital, it is my responsibility bring back the glory ofthe hospital again by taking some actions and resetting the organization approach which willalign to the current scenario.Part-1- Planning a visionWithout a purpose or target, one can’t work or an organization can’t move ahead. Planning avision is the phase where this target or purpose setting is done. The hospital has been facingmismanagement and it is causing the survival of hospital in today’s date. One of the reasons Ifound this problem is “Absence of updated and clear mission and vision” of the hospital. So atfirst, we need to set vision and mission for this hospital to take it back on track.Mission and Vision statement of RescueMe HospitalNew Mission“We care for your health and safety and ensure the healthy life.” RescueMe Community Hospitalwill improve the health and quality of life of community people we serve. Our goal is to create ahealthcare environment which is personalized to each patient that focuses on health and wellness.We ensure your convenience and ease of access and provides treatment with the latesttechnology.
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New VisionRescueMe will be the hospital of choice for all of you what we offer forever.Values to carry Service- We assure you a “whatever it takes” service attitude, guest centered processes,compassionate care and respect to each individual of community.Excellence- We are going to provide a dedicated professional and quality care medical services,improvement in health education and safety practice for community people with a motive ofimprovement.Integrity- We are honest, forthright and we will do fulfillment of our commitments. We willmanage the hospital in a feasible manner.Attitude- We will carry the attitude of excellence in every aspect we will do and will adifference.[Bart, C. K et.al 1999]Leadership Role of CEO in RescueMeBeing a hospital CEO, I become the caretaker of this hospital and now onwards the future ofRescueMe hospital is highly dependent upon the actions I am going to take. As I am going tolead the organization from the front I have to perform certain duties and responsibilities that willbenefit the hospital and its future will be better.At first, a CEO is entirely responsible for almost every aspect that how the hospital is going towork efficiently, how it will meet community expectations, how to balance day to day operationetc. This is basically the strategic leadership which will help hospital growth and long-termsuccess. As a leader, these are going to be my responsibility-Ensure patient safety- As a leader, I will look for patient safety as the fundamental aspect of thisorganization. I will ensure and will play the key role in development, implementation, andevaluation of patient safety measures.Maintaining financial health and stability- It is true that organization is facing financial crisisthus restructure of finance is needed in the organization. At first, the problem in financing will befound and then what financial management tools and techniques can be applied to bring backfinancial stability that will be discussedinthe board. My duty will be to coordinate CFO in thismatter.
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Promoting quality of health care- Quality of healthcare is important and it’s a commitment toimproving quality of health care which we are going to measure by mortality rate andreadmission rate. This will be the important indicator for hospital functioning.Promoting patient satisfaction- It is my duty to ensure that patients are getting right treatment inthis hospital and complete cure is going. For this, a feedback mechanism will be implementedsoon.Strategic planning- Under this, my critical functions will fall. It includes regular meeting withhospital administration staffs, senior executives, doctors; meeting with Chief Medical Officer,Nursing officer, Financial officer, Operating officer etc. This is basically for goal setting andfuture strategy discussions.Policies and procedures- It is my duty and responsibilities for developing policies andprocedures. This is not the end, reviewing the policies and procedures and making it up to datewill be my task. For the time being, our policy is going to be “Community commitmentfulfillment”.Recruitment-I have the responsibility to foster the environment and to bring quality healthcarestaff for our hospital who are dedicated and honest. For me, I have to appoint effective seniorlevel managers in the hospital who will lead staffs front.Compliance- I will ensure that hospital is following all rules, regulations, bylaws, policies, andprocedures so that no one can point on our work ethics.Communication and relationship- I will try to establish good relationship inside as well asoutside hospital environment. We will try to coordinate each other’s work. Mainly the keygroups like board members, medical staff, community leaders and other stakeholders will becommunicated well.Ensuring resources- A CEO is responsible for organizational resources. I will look after theresources of hospital whether financial, human resource or medical resources, all will be takencare of to avoid any redundancy and inadequacy situation.For successful implementation of mission and vision into the strategic action plan, we needsupport from employees and without them, it is impossible to bring change in the organization.Employees need motivation for doing work, thus as CEO, I have the duty to make plans formotivating employees of RescueMe hospital so that their collective effort will help toaccomplish mission and vision.Strategies to align employees to work for mission and visionClearly defined mission and vision-Employees will show interest in work when the goal ortarget is clearly defined. If the employee is able to understand mission and vision of theorganization, then only he or she can work. This is the reason we have clearly defined ourmission and vision in simplest and in written form so that manipulation can’t be done.
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