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Research On Carer Retreat | Health Issues In Care Taking Industry

Added on - 18 Feb 2020

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Report of 2017 Carers Retreat conducted by Pure Magic International BusinessSolutions Pty LtdIntroductionAccording to research it likely that five will become carers in one point of their lives. This taskof caring comes with responsibility and some cherish this rewarding experience. In many casescaring task have negative impact both on mental and physical wellbeing of an older person? Thismay include depression which is persistent felling of sadness and mental wellbeing which is howindividual measure life scale both positive and negative feelings (English Longitudinal Study ofAgeing, 2007).Princess Trust for Carers found that those age 60-69 years and are carer were at risk of emotionaldistress. This was due to working for money at the same time caring their beloved. The researchalso found that both male and female exposed to long term caring were at a higher risk ofdepression. This depression resulted to some existing caring role.Australian society health profile has undergone many variations over the last two decades.AustralianPopulation has aged, with the incidence of disability and lingering illness increasing, and livinglonger with disabilities (AIHW 2006a). As compared to other population group in Australiacarers has low income and lower living standard this result to poor health and wellbeing.MethodologyThe research applied experiment design where two cohorts were exposed to various training andenvironment. The two cohorts were made of people who cared for those with challengesassociated with Ageing (such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s) and the second group was made upof people taking care of those with Mental Health Issues. The two retreats were held atCoolangatta Estate in South Sydney. The environment condition was relaxed and fit foreducation. The workshops were design to train the participants the following dealing with stress,enhancing their resilience and being more focused on self-care.After being exposed to the following training the participants were asked to fill somequestionnaires on how the training was of help to them. The questions were asked pre trainingand post training on well being of participants. The data was the entered in Excel 2007, cleanedand analyzed. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze and visualize the data such as histogramand bar chart.
Results and discussionsRetreat onePart A; Aged/ Dementia carers1.Description of Carers18to30years31to40years41to50years61to70years71to80years81yearsandover0123456What is your age?AgeThe participants aged were between ages of 41- over 81 years with majority being in age bracketof 71-80 years. The carers participated in the training were aged person. They provided care tofamily member with chronic majority, threatening illness and few provided care to age spousesand spouses with dementia, none took care of person less than 30 years with disability. Theparticipants attended the course mainly because they wanted to learn new skills and meet othercarers and establish friends, this may be need to release depression and hear from others as wayof relief. Majority of carers were females with responsibility of taking care their spouse who hadeither dementia or illness.
048Why did you choose to attend the course? Pleasetick as many as possible.reason for participation2.Important of informationMajority of those who participated in learning workshop found the session either very useful oruseful. The information acquire was rated very important in assisting them with caring duty.None of the respondents was unsatisfied with the information provided by Caryn Walsh. Theparticipant found information provided by Caryn Walsh more satisfying as compared to the oneprovided by commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre. Although the whole informationdelivered was satisfying.1 = not satisfied23 = Satisfied45 = Very satisfied012345678910Overall Satisfaction of Information deliveredInformation provided by Caryn WalshInformation provided by Commonwealth Respite and Carelink CentreOverall Satisfaction with the retreat3.Course evaluation
02468Q1. Did the training meet its objectivesMet ExpectationsNot ApplicableThe training provided learning platform for carers, provided environment to provide socialinclusion, also strengthened and keep carers motivated in caring role and ability of accessingother people. This will help to great positive wellbeing and reduce depression. All theparticipants were happy and satisfy with the training.LocationRoomSetupRoomtemperatureRoomacousticsAppropriateuseoftechnology0246810Q2a. Training EnvironmentMet ExpectationsNot applicable
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