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Added on - 09 Dec 2021

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The field of micro and nanotechnology is one of the emerging filled in modern
engineering and it has the potential to revolutionize the field of engineering and
manufacturing. Hence in modern era it has emerged as one of the most important topic for
research in the field of mechanical engineering.
Nanotechnology in the context of mechanical engineering refers to the integration of
mechanical components with electrical components including sensors and controllers. It
consists of a wide range of complex and advance techniques which helps in fabrication of
systems at the nano and micro level as compared to traditional macroscopic production and
manufacturing. Basically at the fundamental level nanotechnology refers to techniques that is
capable of manipulating matter on the nano or the atomic scale. Hence nanotechnology needs
extensive analysis of quantum mechanics capable of dealing with material behaviour and
study at the nano level which is one billionth, or 10−9, of a meter.
Nanotechnology through mechanical engineering is impacting other filed as well such
as defence, healthcare, medical services through advanced products. The remarkable
achievement of nanotechnology in the field of medical science is the capability to analyse
DNA structure found only at the nano scale level.
Chu, W.S., Kim, C.S., Lee, H.T., Choi, J.O., Park, J.I., Song, J.H., Jang, K.H. and Ahn,
S.H., 2014. Hybrid manufacturing in micro/nano scale: A Review.International journal
of precision engineering and manufacturing-green technology,1(1), pp.75-92.
The aim of the paper is to suggest the possible trends based on the summary of the
work published by other researchers in the field of hybrid manufacturing which is associated
with the micro and nano scale manufacturing
The authors has here reviewed the peer published work put forward by other
researchers and based on that they have proposed some suggested trend in the field of nano
Although here the author have not done any original research, but the findings of the paper
have increased the knowledge base of theoretical context and provide a background to apply
the theoretical knowledge for further research.
Giese, M., 2016. Micro-and Nanotechnology. InIntroduction to Molecular
Vaccinology(pp. 165-198). Springer, Cham.
The aim of the paper is to define the concept of nanotechnology in the fields of
vaccine production and also define ways to apply it correctly and effectively in vaccine
The author have opted for empirical research method for verifying the application of
the vaccine production and the synthesis result has also been presented
The research has provided the opportunity to apply nanotechnology in the fields of
vaccine production and thus contributed in extending the application of nanotechnology in
medical science for advance research
Mahamood, R.M. and Akinlabi, E.T., 2018.Advanced Noncontact Cutting and Joining
Technologies: Micro-and Nano-manufacturing. Springer.
The aim of the paper is to introduce nanotechnology for advanced cutting of joining
The authors have here applied for primary qualitative research. The paper has clearly
illustrated the concept of nanotechnology for cutting and joining and also provided detailed
description regarding the method for application along with possible limitations
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