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Running head: RDIT -DISTINCTION TASK 8.3SIT740 Research and Development in Information TechnologyDistinction Task 8.3: Investigation of tool for a given problemStudent Name:University Name:
RDIT -DISTINCTION TASK 8.31Recognition of real time world objects with Object detectionThe issue that is rising in context to the advancement in robotics is how to teach the robots torecognize world objects such as faces, bicycles, and buildings using object detection. This isconsidered as the major concern in this particular study. It has been determined that the identifiedproblem can be solved with the help of Object Detection technique comprising of suitablealgorithms. The tool that has been chosen for this study is TensorFlow which is an open-sourcesoftware library used for dataflow programming. The main purpose of this study is to resolve theexisting issues with teaching the robots on how to detect and recognize real world objects. Thiscan be done with the help of implementing the Object Detection API designed for execution inTensorFlow. The major advantage of the solution is that it will help to deploy the robots forcommercial purposes. The drawback associated with the solution is that the robot will be able toonly recognize the objects that are predefined in the database. The attractive feature of thesolution is that it will help to create a new level of intelligence in the robots so that they caneasily differentiate between the valuable and ordinary objects.
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