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Running head: RDIT -CREDIT TASK 6.3SIT740 Research and Development in Information TechnologyCredit Task 6.3: Investigate the tool, for a given problemStudent Name:University Name:
RDIT -CREDIT TASK 6.31The major issue that has been identified in this modern world is traffic congestion as withthe uplift in economic condition there is also increase in the number of personal vehicles. Hence,there is increase in traffic jam throughout the past years with the rapid growth in the number ofpersonal as well as transport vehicles. Therefore, it has been determined that Arterial andFreeway management systems can be implemented in the highways so as to mitigate theidentified issue.The objective of this simulation is to provide a solution that will help to mitigatethe issues of traffic jam prevailing in the transport systems. The solution that has been designedin context to the prevailing issue can be solved by suitable controlling of the traffic flow inhighways. The simulation shows that the Arterial and Freeway management systems can be usedas traffic signal controlling system and the vehicle owner will be notified about congestion onthe road.The tool offers simulation functionalities that helps to get an overview on working ofthe Arterial and Freeway management systems. The major disadvantage is that it can be used forsimulation purposes only and there is no scope to implement the same logic in real world as theconstraints do not remain the same. The tool has a special feature for running the designed logicwhich will illustrate the exact sequence of the activities that will be followed in a real worldapplication.
RDIT -CREDIT TASK 6.32Screenshots of the simulation running related to the issueFigure 1: Layout of the conceptual design(Source: Created by Author)Figure 2: Logical design for the identified issue(Source: Created by Author)
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