Research Essay Brainstorming Activity Submission.

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Research Essay Brainstorming Activity Submission Complete a Free-Writing/Brainstorming Activity: A) Select Activity: Select one or two free-writing or brainstorming activities that seem like they will be the most productive for you as a writer. As a reminder, all writers will start the writing process differently—there is not one right way to start academic writing, so pick the activities that you think will help you start the writing process. Be creative with your selection! You may want to create a web/map, a compare and contrast chart, a printed, video, or visual text analysis write-up, a cubing activity, and so on. B) Complete Activity: You will complete and submit the selected free-writing/brainstorming activity that you have selected. You must submit at least 350+ words total of free-writing/brainstorming. As you may notice, some activities will require more writing than other activities. If you select one of the shorter activities, you will want to supplement that by completing another activity. For example, if I selected the “Listing” activity, I would need to select another activity to meet the required word length. If I selected a longer writing activity, and meet or exceed 350 words in completing that activity, I would not need to complete another.

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