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Research Ethics: Application for Ethical Clearance at UCB

Added on - 05 Feb 2020

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Research Ethics: Application for Ethical Clearance at UCBSHOULDICOMPLETETHEETHICSAPPLICATIONFORM?You should complete this form if you plan to undertake a primary research project whichwill involve people participating in your research either directly (e.g. interviews,questionnaires) and/or indirectly (e.g. allowing non UCB staff to access yourdata/results).WHYISETHICSAPPROVALNECESSARY?Please read UCB Research and Ethics guidelines.WHEREDOISENDTHEAPPLICATION?Undergraduate (BA/BSc): (MA/MSc): will not carry out any primary research. If you do, your student project will not beaccepted for assessment and no resit opportunity will be given, and for staff research,disciplinary action may be taken against you.WHATDOIDOIFMYRESEARCHISGIVENETHICALCLEARANCE?Clearance would have been granted based upon the information and detail you submithere for consideration. If you receive ethical clearance, you must NEVER change yourprimary research plan. Ethical clearance being granted still requires you to adhere toUCB Research and Ethical guidelines at all times.CANISUBMITANOTHERAPPLICATIONFORETHICALCLEARANCEIFMYFIRSTONEISREFUSED?Yes. However, please be aware that the second application will need to be significantlydifferent to the first and must have addressed the feedback given to you.UCB Ethical Clearance FormRevised August 2016
UCB Ethical Clearance FormRevised August 2016
Student DeclarationResearch Project Title:In signing this StudentDeclaration, I am confirming that:The Ethical Clearance Form I am submitting for my project is accurate tothe best of my knowledge and belief.If the project is not approved, I will not carry out any primary research.If the project is approved, it will adhere to UCB Research and Ethicsguidelines.If the project is approved, I will not change the primary research design.I will inform the UCB Research Centre if anyone makes a complaint aboutthe content or conduct of the primary research.Name of Student:Email Address:Mobile:Full ID Code:Name of Supervisor:Supervisor signature:Date:Degree registered for:Proposed Research Title:Signature of Student:Date:UCB Ethical Clearance FormRevised August 2016
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