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Research Ethics Application Form Doc

Added on - 09 Dec 2020

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Stage 1ResearchEthicsApplicationFormSection 1: Details of theResearcherand theirResearchN.B. If you areconducting research thatinvolvesanimalsandsignificanthabitats’,pleaseuse theStage1ResearchEthicsApplicationForminvolvingAnimalsandHabitats( carrying out research with children or vulnerable adults may alsoneed to carry out an online Safeguarding course and submit the passcertificate with their ethics application. Please refer to the QuestionSpecific Advice for the Stage 1 Research Ethics Application Form at the aboveweblink.ResearcherdetailsFirstnameFamilynameDepartment/FacultyEmailaddressNameofInstitutionwhereyoustudy or work(if not Anglia Ruskin)Areyou:PleasetickUndergraduate(UG)StudentPostgraduateTaught(PGT)StudentPostgraduate Research (PGR) StudentMemberofARUStaffMemberofARUstaffcarryingoutMasters/DoctorateresearchStudents (including staff proposing researchon a course/programme)Your SIDYour course/programme titleNameofyourFirstSupervisor(forPGR)orSupervisor(forUGandPGT)Research detailsTitleofyourresearchprojectN.B.For UG/PGT students,thisisnotthetitleof yourresearchmodule1
Name and institutional affiliation of any research collaboratorsDate ofapplicationBrief Project Summary (upto700words)Please summariseyour research in non-specialist language.OverviewIn the increasing competitive era each firm tries to offersatisfactory products and services to consumers so that they canbe satisfied. The same competition has been arisen in tourismdestinations as well. Each location always tries to meet withexpectation of travellers so that they come to this place again andgive positive reviews to others as well.In order to accomplish the goal companies or destinationmanagement organisations, these firms are concentrating onoffering services to consumers as per their expectations.Consumer experience can be described as feeling of individual bycoming to particular location. Destinationloyaltycan be describedas perception of tourist about the place and how they feel whenthey come to any destination. If people are getting satisfactoryservices then it makes them feel good and they give positivereviews to othersaswell. But if they find any issues or negativeexperiencethen they becomenegativeand never suggest othersto go to that place.Each person has different needs, for instance some travelfor educational purpose or other may travel for research objective.There are many people those who come to different locations toenjoy the destination and spend quality time with family. Theyexpect to get correct transportation facilities, food, hotel etc. Ifpeople get all these facilities to particular tourist site then theyfeel so good and enjoy their vacation. People like to go tolocations where security is high and visa policies are flexible. Thereare many destinations where terrorist attacks and unstablepolitical condition increase risk for the population. In suchcondition visitors find themselves unsecure thus, they do not go tosuch place. If people get all services and facilities as per theirneeds then this may give them positive experience which wouldbe better for tourist sites in order to raise its revenues andcontributing well in economy or GDP.MethodologyIn order to conduct this study researcher will useinterpretivisim philosophy. Individual will involvetheories and models in order find out real detailsabout effectiveness of consumer experiences anddestination loyalty in tourist sites.Individual will apply secondary data collectionmethod for gathering in-depth information aboutsubject matter.Inductive research approach will be applied inthis dissertation.TheoreticalapproachesTheoriesand models will be used for answeringresearch questions. Descriptive research design will beapplied in this research.Research questionsIs there any relationship betweentourist satisfaction and destinationloyalty.Why consumer experience isimportant for raising profit of thetourist site.Why destination loyalty is importantfor raising revenues of the tourist site.What are the factors that influencedestination loyalty and consumerexperience?Details of participant population (recruitment, inclusionandexclusion criteria)All data will be taken from previous studies such asbooks, journals, internet articles etc.Previous studiesafter 2014 will be included in this research and before2014 literatures will be excluded.2
Please explain the potential value of your research to societyand/or the economy and its potential to improve knowledge andunderstanding.The study will be beneficial for other researcher as they willget brief idea about impact on consumer experience anddestination loyalty in tourist sites. Furthermore, it will be valuablefor society in knowing more about latest places and expectationsof consumers. This will help tourist organization in designing tourpackages as per the needs of travelers so that they spend more ontravelling. This will help in improving economic position of thenation as well.Section 2:ResearchEthicsChecklist (Refer to Section 3 foran explanation of the colour coding.)N.B. If you areconducting research thatinvolvesanimalsandsignificanthabitats’,pleaseuse theStage1ResearchEthicsApplicationForminvolvingAnimalsandHabitats( must provide a response to ALL questions. Please refer to the Question SpecificAdvice for completing the Stage 1 Research Ethics Application Form for guidance.Will yourresearch:1Involve human participants?YESNOCreate a risk that individuals and/or organisations could be identified in the outputs?YESNOInvolve participants whose responsescould be influenced by your relationship with themor by any perceived, or real, conflicts of interest?YESNO4Involvethe co-operation of a ‘gatekeeper’ to gain access to participants?YESNO5Offer financial or other forms of incentives to participants?YESNO6Involve the possibility that any incidental health issues relating to participants beidentified?YESNO3
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