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Research Ethics Approval FormAll students conducting research activity that involves human participants or the useof data collected from human participants are required to gain ethical approvalbefore commencing their research. Please answer all relevant questions and notethat your form may be returned if incomplete.For further support and guidance please see your respective Unit Tutor.Before completing this form, we advise that you discuss your proposedresearch fully with your Unit Tutor. Please complete this form in good timebefore your research project is due to commence.Section 1: Basic DetailsProject title:To identify the impact of social media on advertising. A case study on Waitrose.Student name:Student ID number:Programme:School / College:Intended research start date:Intended research end date:Section 2: Project SummaryPlease select all research methods that you plan to use as part of your project (Please tick):Questionnaires:Use of Personal Records:Data Analysis:Section 3: ParticipantsPlease answer the following questions, giving full details where necessary.Will your research involve human participants? Who are the participants? Tick all that applYoung People aged 17–18:
How will participants be recruited (identified and approached)?In this customer are participants which are selected through convenience sampling method.Describe the processes you will use to inform participants about what you are doing:In this company use to provide information about business through e-mail.How will you obtain consent from participants? Will this be written? How will it be madeclear to participants that they may withdraw consent to participate at any time?In this I will obtain consent from the non-probability method because it is more essentialand appropriate for the researcher.Studies involving questionnaires:Will participants be given the option of omitting questions theydo not wish to answer?Please tick:Yes:If No please explain why below and ensure that you cover any ethical issues arising from thisStudies involving observation:Confirm whether participants will be asked for their informedconsent to be observed.Please tick:Yes:Will you debrief participants at the end of their participation (i.e. give them a brief explanation of thestudy)?Please tick:Yes:Will participants be given information about the findings of your study? (This could be a briefsummary of your findings in general).Please tick:Yes:Section 4: Data Storage and Security
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