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Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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Research focused Paper:Write a research-focused paper, particularly for advanced study students, using thestudent’s relevant professional experience and by exploring secondary sources. Theaim is to make a contribution to the scholarly and/or policy analysis of: (i) a broaddevelopment question (e.g., effectiveness of development aid, the relation betweendemocracy and development) or (ii) a more narrowly defined problem by analyzingthe work of an organization and where it fits in a certain development sector.MA Paper Structure:All MA paper options should include the following sections, with maximumsuggested length as indicated below: Cover Sheet with Title. See Annex IV. Thecover sheet will indicate the paper option you select. Table of Contents with pagenumbers.Abstract (250 words maximum):Summarize the substance of the whole paper by introducing the development problemor issue, the type of paper you have selected, the methodology you employed, yourdiscussion of the problem, and your main recommendations and conclusions.Acronyms and abbreviations.A table should list all the acronyms in alphabetical order. For example, World HealthOrganization (WHO) or United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Spell out theorganization’s full name followed by the acronyms in parentheses the first time youuse them in the text.Introduction (target length: 2-3 pages maximum):This section introduces the topic of your paper and explains why you have chosen aparticular option. The introduction states the development problem that you willanalyze, comments on the importance of the problem, and presents the main questionscovered in the study. It provides the critical background information, such ashistorical and geographic contexts, and whatever other information is essential for thereader to understand the significance of your topic. The introduction also lays out theorganizational structure of the paper, describing the sections that follow.Sources and Methods (target length: 1-2 pages maximum):Summarize the type of sources you used to collect information for the study.Examples include secondary data of all types, including policy briefs, organizations’annual reports, scholarly articles and books, census reports and databases. Explain thecriteria you used to select the evidence (e.g., publications in the last 10 years thatappeared in refereed journals). If applicable, discuss the quantitative variables youused, where you found the data, dates for the data used and how it was collected. Youshould also mention sources and information gained through your professionalexperience on the topic, course work and practicum experience.Write about the types of methods you use to identify or generate relevant informationfor your study. You may rely on qualitative or quantitative methods, or a mixed
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