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ACC8000 - Research in Accounting Practice- Assignment

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University of Southern Queensland


Research in Accounting Practice (ACC8000)


Added on  2020-03-07

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ACC8000 -  In Research in Accounting Practice- Assignment, is the process and activity of recording a business entity's day-to-day financial operations. Accounting practice is required to produce a company's legally required annual financial statements.

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Research in Accounting PracticeAssignment 1Student Name: Student ID:Subject Name: Research in Accounting Practice Subject ID: ACC8000Date Due:Professor Name:Page | 1
ACC8000 - Research in Accounting Practice- Assignment_1
Question 1Briefly explain the worldview that is linked with quantitative research.(5 marks)Various authors have defined quantitative research differently. In accounting field, it is a numerical depiction and strategy for explaining the trend via which this observation reflects. Cohen (1980) has defined quantitative research as method used through experience. Quantitative method is in general based of mathematically and can be analysed using statistics. Quantitative method can be used in study of science subjects like physics, biology, geology and so on. In the study of statistics, quantitative research plays a very vital role in which research can be elucidate through numerical data (Creswell). Quantitative research always been compared and place opposite side to qualitative research due to vary in its characteristics. Question 2Briefly explain the worldview that is linked with qualitative research.(5 marks)Worldview for Qualitative research is subjectivist. Qualitative method is very different from that of quantitative method, which is not based on numerical and are therefore cannot be examined byusing statistics. Qualitative methods are also used to study and understand some trend. This method is used considering various methods like case studies, interviews, ethnographic research and so on. As per authors many variables might get materialize through qualitative method. Qualitative research has characteristics of producing more depth rather than breadth outcome compare to quantitative research method. Page | 2
ACC8000 - Research in Accounting Practice- Assignment_2
Question 3Draft your own business research question that could be addressed in aquantitative study.(5 marks)What percentage of people from UK use Facebook or other social sites every month compare to other countries? The Quantitative method used to measure the percentage of people using Facebook through study of descriptive research variable. Like how many people use social sites like younger and older generation 2. How often they use and how much for the business purpose as well as personal. How much does it affect the life of young school going children? How does it help the people to expand their business by creating Facebook pages of their company? How often does UK people use face book every week? These all questions could be addressed in a quantitative study.Question 4Draft your own business research question that could be addressed in aqualitative study.(5 marks)What type of people make use of Facebook? What is the impact of Facebook on individuals? Does Facebook page has an effect on the followers of users?Page | 3
ACC8000 - Research in Accounting Practice- Assignment_3

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