Research in Education Assignment

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Assessment Tasks1ASSESSMENT TASKSBy [Name]CourseProfessor’s NameInstitutionLocation of InstitutionDate
Assessment Tasks2Assessment TasksAssessment Task 1Part A: Association for research in Education Style GuideIntroductionAssociation for research in education is a research organization engaged in and reportseducation research into schools. The organization's target is high school and senior secondaryschool. This style guide is made to assist in maintaining consistency, correctness, andappropriateness concerning the use of grammar, stylistic conventions and any other area thatrelates to publication production.ReferencesThis style guide lists the organization’s decision. It is a supplementation of referencesmaterials like other standard style guides and dictionaries. Should you fail to find something inthis style guide, you are advised to look at these references.DictionariesA Dictionary of Social Research Methods, First Edition. Oxford Reference.Style ManualsThis guide precedes any other sourceHarvard Manual of StyleGrammar/Usage guidesFor grammar queries, seek assistance from any of the following.Webster’s Dictionary of English UsageOxford DictionaryOnline References
Assessment Tasks3MechanicsGraphic elementsConsider using sample figures/tables like a line graph, pie chart, bar chart and tableEnsure your tables have an identifier and a titleTitles should not be footnotedThe information on the title needs to follow a specified orderColumn cells should be aligned at the bottom of cellsMake reference to every graphic element at a place that is appropriate in the running text.Ensure you include alternate text within IMAGE tags for graphic elements used on webpagesUse of hyphensSentence PunctuationPunctuate sentences using standard American punctuationCross-referencesCitations should be in orderIf the full title is not given, make references to lowercaseMake references to a part of the document using the title as opposed to the page number.Use of LanguageGeneralSentences and words used should be concise, simple and easy to understandPassive voice should be avoided at all costs unless where it is appropriate.Generally, present tense should be preferred in appropriate areas, the imperative moodcan be used.
Assessment Tasks4Subject construction verbs used to need to strong while weak constructions should beavoided.Wordy phrases should avoid making the work as concise as possible.The language used should be gender neutral. Avoid referring to direct gender like “he” or“she.”CapitalizationMost words in titles and higher level headings should be capitalizedIn lower level headings, use sentence-style capitalizationProper names should be capitalized.Ensure that the appearance of the user interface is matched by capitalizing and spellscreening element names. The first letter of each word needs to be capitalized to avoidambiguity.SpellingSpelling should follow American style as opposed to British.ArticlesThe article chosen need to agree with the way a term that includes special leadingcharacters is pronounced.MeasurementsAmerican units of measurement should be usedPunctuationUse commas in numbersUse commas after introductory phrasesUse commas to separate complete sentences
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