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Research in Industry IoT

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Running head:RESEARCH IN INDUSTRY IOTResearch in Industry IoTName of the student:Name of the university:Author Note
1RESEARCH IN INDUSTRY IOTInvestigating IoT companies:The IoT or Internet of Things has moved forward with lots of real-world instances found inbusinesses around the world. Here, SkyBell, Deako and Particle are chosen to discuss the companyof IoT.These three IoT organizations have been involving from developing innovative consumerproducts available to commercial and industrial hardware and platform creation (Ju, Kim and Ahn2016). Hence they are considered to be IoT companies.Skybell has been providing smart video doorbell. It helps in seeing, hearing and speaking tovisitors. Deako is a supplier of smart light switches. Their outstanding design, intelligent engineeringand costs have led them to lie below the competition. Particle delivers a platform to connect IoTdevices with Web in a secure manner. Thus it created a network to leverage every benefit of IoT(Sadowski, Nomaler and Whalley 2016).However, the organizations have been facing many challenges. They are unclear businessmodels, outdated regulatory necessities and lack of differentiated problems. Moreover, there havebeen no killer applications recognized by the consumers and business.
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