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Running head:RESEARCH INFORMATION ON SAP HANA PRODUCTResearch information on SAP Hana ProductName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1RESEARCH INFORMATION ON SAP HANA PRODUCTSAP Hana is a data platform, which is used for the deployment of appliances or on thecloud. Inside the application, the software is a real time data analysis platform in the form ofdatabase that is different from the database engines found in today’s market. Applicationusers are constantly working of making their working environment useful and faster with theuse of this software on their database. Apart from all these work, the software also helps inthe process of storing their data set and consecutively planning their future work andobjectives (Accenture.com, 2017). The software can be used for the process of analytics andapplication in the following forms:Real time analytics is the category of analytics, which the SAP Hana is specialized in(Canon & Thind, 2016). This helps in providing the user with the development of charts andanalytical data, which would help the organization to understand their progress of work in themarket.Operational reporting: This provides an insight in the process of transaction systemfor the creation of sales reports based on the data. Apart from this, there is the inclusion forthe use of the software in the form of financial reporting procedure, and the shipping reports.The master data report helps in the understanding of the working procedure of the company.Data warehousing: An organization would be able to store all their information of thework they are doing and the data bases which are being used on the software so that the datacan be easily used for other analysis (Waizy & Liesegang, 2015).Real time applications is a category of advanced application provided inside the SAPHana for business purposes.
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