Research Methodology Ethical Issues in Research

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Running Head: BUSINESS RESEARCHBusiness Research
BUSINESS RESEARCH2Research planning process, Business Research Methods, and Ethical issuesResearch planning processIn lecture first, I gained my knowledge regarding the research planning process, businessresearch methods, and importance of professional ethics in case ethical issues are raised inthe research. Additionally, I created my depth knowledge about research planning processeswherein I learned about different factors such as literature review, concept and theory, andresearch questions. Along with this, it can be said that others factors are sampling, datacollection, data analysis, and writing up (Aveyard, 2014).In addition to this, I learned thatliterature review can play an imperative role to develop the theory and concept about theresearch problem. In addition, I also gained my knowledge about the research question thatcould be based on the research objectives. Along with this, I also increased my understandingtowards the two types of research questions such as primary and secondary research question.I learned that the sampling method can be useful to identify the sample size to accomplish theresearch objectives. In addition to this, I observed that the data collection method can supportto collect the information about the specified research topic. Along with this, I analyzed thatthe data analysis is used to evaluate the collected data through data analysis methods. I alsolearned that it can be effective to obtain the accurate outcome towards the research dilemma(Aveyard, 2014).Business Research MethodsIn addition, the business research methods can also be significant to conduct the researchthere are two kinds of methods that are used in performing the research named qualitative andquantitative research method. The qualitative research method is used to enhance theknowledge about underlying causes, and support to develop a hypothesis regarding theresearch issues. Beside this, I also created my awareness about the quantitative researchmethod. It is executed to present the numeric data about the research dilemma. It will be
BUSINESS RESEARCH3effective to obtain reliable and valid data systematically. The quantitative research methodincludes primary data collection methods to gather suitable data in the research (Best, et al.,2016).Ethical issuesI observed that the ethical issues can direct impact on the accomplishment of researchobjectives. In addition, there are different factors that are considered in the research ethicssuch as confidential data of participants,plagiarism, manipulation of information, andreferencing of the research. Along with this, I also analyzed that the ethical issues can arise ina case such factors are not considered in the research (Brennan, et al., 2013).Implementation of concepts of business research to business scenariosI also gained my knowledge about business concepts that will be significant to meet theobjective research. In addition, I also analyzed that business concept can help to provide thebasic data about some significant factors such as goods and services, target market, uniqueselling proposition which will be supportive to enhance the competitive advantages. Alongwith this, I also learned that the business concept can include a new product and newapproach to advertising and deliver the current product and services (Garrard, 2016).Evaluate the impact of existing business research in a business environmentI also understood that the existing business research can direct impact on the businessenvironment. In addition, I learned that the business research can be imperative to gain theprofitability as well as productivity of an organization in long-run. Along with this, I alsoobserved that the business research can help to satisfy a large number of customers in lesstime. It will also supportive to make a positive relationship with customers as well as make apositive image in the customer mind (Krumpal, 2013).Evaluate and compare various business research methodologies then apply them to aspecific business research project
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