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Added on - 03 Dec 2021

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Synchronization and Complex Dynamics in a system of Magnetically Coupled Colpitts
The topic of the coupled chaotic system has become very common in scientific research. The
synchronization process of the coupled chaotic system has been in use in the last several years.
The mathematical exploration of the dynamic system that includes interior crisis transition and
periodic doubling revealed several scenarios of the bifurcations. Whenever there is coupling that
is magnetic in nature, there is an observation of other kinds of dynamic phenomena including the
coexistence of the solution, transient chaos, and multistability. There is normally a provision for
the reasons considered theoretical for the observation besides the experimental confirmations
through the practical measurements that exist in the wireless transfer. In most of the cases, the
illustrations are the possibility of getting the mechanism that controls and also synchronizes the
system in a very simple and also effective manner that uses the high-frequency oscillations.
Chen; (2015). Robust finite-time chaos synchronization of uncertain permanent magnet
synchronous motors.ISA transactions,58, 262-269.
Several proposals have been put forward according to Chen to assist in the study of the dynamic
and synchronization of the coupled systems by the use of the cheap, simple and easy
techniques. The specific part that needs to be addressed includes the impacts of the
magnetic coupling on the process of the synchronization of the two Colpitts oscillators.
The description of the dynamic system is achieved by the use of the smooth model of the
mathematics. There is also an investigation that seeks to establish the stability of the state
that is balanced or that is in the state of equilibrium. The system that is coupled is
normally accompanied by the chaos and the hyperchaos in the exact range of the
Deng, Z.(2015). Synchronization controller design of two coupling permanent magnet
synchronous motors system with nonlinear constraints.ISA transactions,59,
In the case of the nonlinear dynamics and in the electronics the modeling of the oscillators is
done without the use of the coupling from the external magnetic fielding. This is
according to Deng. In some cases, there may be interactions that involve the
systems which have been coupled physically. This particular case is common in
specific conditions of the experiment. In this particular study, the attention is
given to the impacts of the magnetic coupling on the characteristics of the
Colpitts coupled oscillator.
Kana, L. K., Fomethe, A., Fotsin, H. B., Wembe, E. T., & Moukengue, A. I. (2017). Complex
Dynamics and Synchronization in a System of Magnetically Coupled Colpitts
Oscillators.Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics,2017.
In this book, the chaos synchronization refers to the characteristic behavior whereby more than
two systems which have been coupled together indicate the very high index of similarity
of the chaotic oscillations. While considering the effects of similar systems of the
dynamics, the loss of the synchronization that is found between the smaller sub-systems
is attributed to the Lyapunov exponents of the entire system globally. As per the article of
the "Renewable and sustainable energy," the process or the technique of the
synchronization has assisted in the energy saving generally. Whenever there is a loss in
the synchrony an automatic transition from chaotic to the hyperchaotic behavior.
Kengne, J., Chedjou, J. C., Kenne, G., & Kyamakya, K. (2012). Dynamical properties and chaos
synchronization of improved Colpitts oscillators.Communications in Nonlinear Science
and Numerical Simulation,17(7), 2914-2923.
There have been proposals of several solutions in this book in connection to the challenge some
of which include adaptive control, active control, active-backstepping and adaptive
backstepping. According to Kengne et al most of these proposals are characterized by
controllers and design aspect that is very difficult and very complex hence not easy to
achieve. This has been illustrated in the book of the "Transaction on Industrial
Electronics" Due to the already identified complexities and the difficulties in the existing
systems, there is needed to introduce a method that is numerically and experimentally
approved to be simple. The research seeks to put forward a very simple, cheap and easy
technique that can be used effectively in the dynamic and subsequent synchronization of
the Colpitts coupled oscillator.
Li, L. B., Sun, L. L., Zhang, S. Z., & Yang, Q. Q. (2015). Speed tracking and synchronization of
multiple motors using ring coupling control and adaptive sliding mode control.ISA
transactions,58, 635-649.
In the general set up, the metastable systems are characterized by very high level of the
complexity in the behavior of the varying systems. The books illustrates this
effect comprehensively.
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