Research Report on Psychological and Physiological

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Research Methods and Evaluation SkillsNameDate
In the proposed research titled ‘An evaluation of Psychological and Physiological implications oncaregivers of stroke survivors: A Qualitative Blog Analysis’, the author clearly links the title of theresearch to the research question. The author has done well to create a link between the title of theproposed project and the problem in the form of the research question. The research question isconsistent with the title. This approach, according to Newman and Covrig (2013), createsconsistency which ensures that the research findings are valid and reliable. It also ensures that theresearch remains focused in answering the research question consistently.The introduction is important in giving the read a snap view of what else is contained in thedocument; it shows the reader what has been covered in the research and creates the background forthe proposed research.The background literature is important in that it identifies and then describes the nature and historyof the research problem in reference to existing literature. The background literature is important inshowing the root of the problem that is being researched, or proposed to be researched and gives anappropriate context for the research problem in relation to theories, past research, the scope of theproblem, and the extent to which past attempts at tackling the problem have succeeded ininvestigating and solving the problem. The author does a good job of in terms of the content in theliterature review by citing related work done by past researchers and briefly explaining theirfindings and relating it to the present research title and question (Thomas & Hodges 2010). this is agood way of structuring the literature review, with an introduction and referring to similar studiesdone in the past on a similar topic, using peer reviewed articles. However, the author misses onething by failing to give a conclusion, which is required to summarize it.The aims and objectives section gives provides the overall purpose of the proposed research (aims)and addresses the projects’ long term outcomes, while the objectives define steps that will be usedin answering the research question. The objectives show how the aim will be accomplished and aremore focused. The objectives are the steps that will be taken towards answering the researchquestions (Thomas & Hodges 2010).The ethical section struck me as being very detailed but none the less, it is important, as the authorhas put it, in helping ensure that the aims of the research are achieved; the aims include aspects oftruth, knowledge, and avoiding error to ensure the research findings are valid. The ethics section isalso important in ensuring research norms are adhered to and that the outcomes promoteprofessional pursuits in the subject and solving the research problem, rather than creating furtherconundrums (Hammersley & Traianou 2016)The methods section is done well, and based on a theoretical concept; the research method has to beright to ensure the research outcomes are valid and reliable and that the method used helps achievethe research aim and objectives and answer the research problem.
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