Contemporary Issues in Primary Education or Early Years Health Care Services

Added on - 23 Jan 2020

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Health care services play a crucial role in enhancing the value of other services sincenumerous health dimensions and facets are included for the specific care. The present researchstudy has been emphasising on special needs of disabled children; thus in this respect discussionhas been made regarding contemporary issues in the field of early years of teaching and learning.Further, discussion has been made regarding impact of contemporary issues on young childrenand babies. Along with such discussion, description has been included regarding researcher’sown area of practice and his contribution in developing the present research work.Care practitioners working for young children and babies have to consider a lot of thingswhile delivering care services to them and this is yet another facet through which effectivenessof the service provision could be enhanced (Odom, Buysse and Soukakou, 2011). Working in thefield of early years of teaching and learning is a difficult job and that requires much efforts andpatience to handle the targeted care users. The needs and demands of babies are hard to find outas they are unable to express what they require specifically; thus in such situation, it becomesdifficult for the health care practitioner to deliver health care services. In the below section,several concerns and interest are being discussed that usually arise in the field of early years ofteaching and learning.Communication and language problem: At the time of dealing with the young childrenand babies, it is essential for the care practitioners to consider the use of proper language so thatto enhance the effectiveness of communication procedure (Daniels and Hedegaard, 2011). Carepractitioners have to ensure that suitable language is being used to communicate things suitablyamong the children. This is an area of concern since practitioners sometimes uses complexlanguage which is not understood by the children and as a result, it creates communicationbarriers. Communication is the most important aspect through which learning and teachingrelated aspects of children could be managed. For better communication, right use of language isrequired.Improper understanding of needs of children and babies: Children as well as infants areunable to express what they want; hence this becomes difficult for the care practitioners todeliver suitable services (Hooper and Umansky, 2013). This not only creates problem incomprehending health care needs; but it also changes the relationship between care provider andcare user. Health care practitioners must showcase appropriate care and concern towards the
requirements of young children and babies because that could build up positive attitude in them.However, this has been observed that children and babies are sometimes delivered inappropriatecare which creates other health dimensions. At the same time, in the early years of learning andteaching, it becomes difficult for the practitioners to meet health and specific needs of childrenand babies.Improper use of tools in teaching: It is an apparent fact that children learn properly whenthey are imparted education through optimum use of training tools. This showcases that childrenlearn more by doing things practically (Daniels and Hedegaard, 2011). Thus, while teaching thechildren, it is crucial for the care practitioners to make use of suitable training tools. Nonetheless,it is also observed that during teaching, learners most often do not quote examples and practicalinstances which affects the entire learning procedure. According to the type of teaching, suitablemethods and tools should be used so that to give proper information to the children regardingtheir education.Learning difficulties in children: Some children have problems related to learningdisabilities; thus teaching such children is a difficult task as they did not understand thingsimmediately. This is an area of concern to be considered in the field of early years of teachingand learning because that could hamper the interest of the children and babies (Montgomery,2013). As per the learning disabilities, proper guidance should be given to the students so thatthey can manage their education process in the best way. Disable children usually face manyissues due to learning disability and that also hampers their work aspects.Lack of interest in classroom activities: At the same time, it is also observed that due tolack of interest in classroom activities, sometimes children do not take interest in learning. At thetime of teaching the children, it is crucial for the service provider to ensure that proper tools arebeing used to enhance the learning of the children (Koster, Pijl, Nakken and Van Houten, 2010).Students sometimes have lack of interest in classroom activities; hence they do not attend theclasses on regular basis and as a result, it hampers the overall knowledge level. Specific needs ofchildren keeps on changing and that leads the children to undergo with diverse activities.Henceforth, in order to meet all the requirements, learners and teachers are required to focus onall the requirements of young children and babies.3
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