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Research Paper on Unmarried Couples Living Together Between 1980-2010

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RESEARCH PAPER[Document subtitle]
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IntroductionThe number of unmarried couples living together has enhanced significantly between 1980 and2010. In the same manner, a number of married couples are also growing day by day. Theefficiency of both married and unmarried couples highly depends on their understanding,bonding, and love. In today scenario, there are greater than 30 million people who are living withan unmarried sex partner. On the other hand, there are 35 million couple who are living withmarried sex partner ( Research ObjectiveThe objective of the conducted research is to judge the efficiency of a married couple than theunmarried once.Literature ReviewAccording to views of Waggoner (2015), when it comes to emotional well-being, adults ofyoung age such as women seem to get as much of a boost from living with a partner as they dofrom marriage. He said that married couple is more efficient than the unmarried ones( It is because they have the all legal rights and benefits which play animportant role in securing their life. Rosenfeld (2014) said that cohabitation means livingtogether of an unmarried couple without the commitment of marriage is continuously growingday by day. But they don't have such benefits as the married couple. They cannot live outsidewithout marriage. Only two-thirds of unmarried couples seem to live together outside ofmarriage. Kreider (2014) conclude that unmarried couples may have an emotional attachment to1
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their sex partner who moves in together for spending more time of their life together. But theydon't want to spend a long time as the married partners do. Their relationship is for a short timeperiod. For instance, it can be said that one cannot analyze the quality of their relationship afterhaving a child. In that condition, they like to separate from each other and live their life withgreat freedom.HypothesesHypotheses#1: Married couple is more efficient than unmarried coupleHypotheses#2: Married couple is not efficient than an unmarried couple.Research MethodologyPrimary ResearchThe research report of the project is mainly utilizing the primary or secondary research method.Primary study is conducted to measure the views of different couples regarding the marriage.The below-mentioned tools are utilized for this purpose: Questionnaire and Surveys: It is very efficient and trustworthy method of collecting theresponse of customers. This enables us in collecting the required data so that further stepscan be taken to implementation the desired project (Tach, 2013).Observations: It can be of two types; observation through communication and interactionor observation through no interaction or communication. In the research project, directobservation method is applied to measure the customer's response on the spot.Secondary Research2
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