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Research Paper
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the social society and Medicare topic in which the history of the program, the current configuration of the program and projections of the future of the program is described. The social security program is defined as the concept which is enshrined inthe Article 22 of the universal declaration of human rights which states that every individual in the society has equal reading the social security rights and it is entitled to realization by international cooperation and national efforts.Social securityIt is mainly defined as the action program of the government which is intended to promote the welfare of the people through assistance measures which guaranteeing access to the sufficient resources in order to promote the wellbeing of the population. History of the programIn the United States, it is mainly the known as the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program. The president Franklin Roosevelt had signed the social security act in the year 1935 and then it is amended as the various social security programs. The social security program was not really arrived in the America, but following the civil war, there were a large number of orphans, disabled and widows due to which the population of breadwinner had decreased in the America which leads to the development of generous pension program in the year 1776. The programs have started providing benefits to the disabled people at the time of war which later turned into the social security program. In the year 1910, almost 90% of the people start getting benefits from these programs, and the program is developed through collecting public opinion
(DiNitto et al., 2015). The military pension is one of the most important sources for the economic security. There are various institutional strategies which are developed by the government in America in order to assure economic security to the citizens (Gardner et al., 2014). The Townsend movement was started by the Francis E. Townsend in order to provide pension to the ole age people who are unemployed at the age of 66. Current configuration of the programThe current outline of the social security program is simple that the employer, self-employed andemployee have to pay social security tax which goes into special funds and it is provided by the to the people after their retirements. The social security program mainly includes three benefits, namely, retirement, survivors and disability benefits (Kitao et al., 2014). The retirement benefits are mainly provided to the people at the age of 65, the survivor's benefits are provided to the survivors monthly, and disability benefits are provided to the workers who are partially and permanently disable people. The social security program covered almost every type of employment program, but the federal jobs are covered under the federal retirement system. If thework is done by the parents for their children in the course of trade, then it comes under the social security program. Currently, the amounts of benefits which are covered under the social security program that is calculated on the basis of average earnings of individuals. The amounts of benefits which are payable to the survivors are based on the amounts of workers benefits. There are two benefits which are provided by the trust funds. Namely, interest income on the invested assets of the funds and the amount can be drawn from the temporary situations .

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