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City North Campus1CITY NORTH CAMPUS, BARR, BIRMINGHAM B42 2SUA Research Paper on Construction ByStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
City North Campus2INTRODUCTIONThis is a research paper that discusses the history of the City North Campus, Barr,Birmingham B42 2SU by finding out if there have been any industrial use on the site whichcan be a good reason for the site to be contaminated. After the determination of the sitecontamination, there is need to evaluate of ways on which the contaminations can beremoved through industrial remediation methods on this particular site.The factory which was located in the present day City North Campus, Barr,Birmingham B42 2SU was the Lead Chamber process factory which was used in theproduction of sulphuric acid in huge quantities. The factory began its operation in 1746 byRoebuck John for the production of sulphuric acids in the chambers of lead which was lessexpensive and much stronger. The lead could be manufactured on a larger scale than thecontainers made of glass which used to be utilized previously. This industry enabled efficientsulphuric acid industrialization and with numerous refinement, this process persisted to be thestandard production method for approximately two centuries[ CITATION Sco13 \l 2057 ].The production of sulphuric acid was huge that as late as in the year 1946, the processof chamber still counted for 25% of manufactured sulphuric acid. During the manufacture ofsulphuric acid in the Lead Chamber Process, Sulphur dioxide is fed into the huge chambers
City North Campus3together with nitrogen oxide and steam, the chambers are lined with the sheet of lead wherethe spaying of gases is done with chamber acid and water. The nitrogen dioxide and sulphurdioxide dissolve for a duration of about 30 minutes leading to the oxidation of sulphurdioxide to sulphuric acid[ CITATION Ser11 \l 2057 ].The nitrogen dioxide presence is critical for the continuation of reaction at a rate thatis reasonable. This process is very exothermic and a primary consideration of the chamber'sdesign was to give away is which heat formed from the reaction can be dissipated. Each plantutilized huge chambers of lead-lined wood where cooling takes place by the use of ambientair. In the 19thcentury, places used a volume of the approximately ½ cubic meter to processthe sulphur dioxide equal to one-kilogram sulphur burned[ CITATION Sco13 \l 2057 ].During the initial manufacturing period, nitrogen oxides were manufactured throughthe process of decomposing niter at the extreme temperature in the presence of acid, however,this process was supplanted gradually by oxidation of ammonia to nitric acid by air in thepresence of a catalysis. In the chamber of reaction, nitrogen dioxide is produced when oxygenreacts with nitric acid. The liquid at the chamber’s bottom is pumped and diluted to the top ofthe chamber and spayed down in a fine mist[ CITATION Ser11 \l 2057 ].Contaminations of Lead Chamber Process that still affects the City North Campus, Barr,Birmingham B42 2SUThe contamination of the sulphuric acid manufacturing process by the lead chamberprocess in the year 1746 is still currently being observed. These contaminations range fromthe environmental pollution to health effects. The effects of sulphuric acid manufacture arestill being observed due to the sulphur compounds that were released into the atmosphereleading to environmental contamination. The environmental contaminations have affected the
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