Research Paper on Detection Technique of Stroke

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Designing a sensor1DESIGNING A SENSORBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
Designing a sensor2Executive SummaryBrain tumor is the world third cause of death, in some cases it can cause serious long-term disability which then results in serious economic impact ( Abbosh, A. 2014). Hence, realtime diagnosis is vital due to different treatments, and this can be made very easy and simplehaving an effective detector of these brain tumor so that it can be treated at early stages .Thisproject paper avails the research work for the detection technique used to detect for the stroke(brain tumor) through the use of microwave imaging (Beada'a, J.M. 2011). There are severaltechniques which can be employed to achieve this but for this report we will use Brain cancerDetection by Microwave Imaging through using Planner Antenna. There are the proposal ofSlotted Rectangular Micro-strip Part Antenna (RMPA) and also amended Ground Plane UWBantenna for the frequency of about 6 GHz to 10 GHz for the proposal of this project. Also in thisproject proposal, a bandwidth of about 4GHz is proposed, this is large enough for the early braintumor detections[ CITATION yut12 \l 1033 ].
Designing a sensor3In most cases single layers of brain phantom models are employed by help of CTS-MWS. This CTS-MWS is an approximate model employed for the brain for which the sphere istaken into account as the brain (being the subject). This phantom brain has dielectric permittivityof about 45.8 but its conductivity is exactly .77s/m. The anticipated antenna is put together withphantom brain containing a cubical stroke or cubical tumor of approximately 5 cubic millimetershaving a dielectric constant of exactly 54.2 and conductivity of 2.62s/m. In this case thecurrent density is increased to about two times as compared to in the case where there is no braintumor. And the SAR for the system has increased as well by highly magnitude. The result showsa better enhancement as compared to the previous results which were proposed by so manyscientists time after time. The design of the sensor for brain tumor detector by use of PlannerAntenna with objectives towards usage in cases of brain cancer (brain tumor) detection isproposed.IntroductionThe micro-strip patch aerials are highly preferred here to other techniques just because oftheir compact design, considerable gain, directivity and their easy construction procedures. Thisantennas bandwidth is increased by usage of different techniques to the patch antenna as byusing several types of slots to the antenna as well as by using different ground structure, forexample, the H, E dumbbell(, Fedeli, A. 2017). Planner antenna is so simple to design andfabricate. It is also so easy to be mounted on any surface and for this reason, these antennas havebecome so much popular. The detection of the brain cancer is grounded on examining thescattering parameters of man’s head model having or lacking the brain tumor.
Designing a sensor4For this project proposal paper, the UWB (Ultra Wide Band) was employed with afrequency in the range of 2.6 GHz to 13.1 GHz. This UWB containing several substrates can beemployed for the detection of the brain cancer (McEwan, A. 2012). This planner antenna issimply a sensor which enables scientist to effectively detect cancer of the brain (stroke). In thisproject, proposal antenna is put in several positions in the chest to help find out the difference inthe signals which are scattered (Horesh, L., Gilad, O., Romsauerova,2012). The microwaveImaging is a method which is employed to sense the secreted objects by the use ofelectromagnetic waves in a region of microwave of 300MHz to 300GHz. And for this range ofapplication, it works effectively in the hospitals for the detection of the brain cancer.Every section of human body which is being inspected edged by these electromagneticwaves, then the reproduced wave obtained from the body part examined is compared against theinput wave and if there are alterations in obtained in the waves then it is highly examined todetect the tumor of the body part ( the brain for this case ). The nature of the reflected wave willalso depend on the environmental properties for which the experiment was undertaken (Guo, L.& Abbosh, A. 2015). Such properties include the temperature, humidity among others. Bodytumor have different properties electrical for instance the brain tumor is having higherconductivity and higher dielectric(Horesh, L., Romsauerova, A., Gilad. 2007)State-of-the-art/Literature ReviewThe medical imaging is any method employed to generate images which show the insideof human brain. With the design of this brain, tumor detector will be so simple to examine cancerpatients and administer treatment as early as possible when the cancer tumors are still in theirearly stages. So this design of the sensor to detect the presence of brain tumor will highly help
Designing a sensor5reduce death cases which are being reported to be caused by brain cancer. This conditions insome cases lead to the disability of the patients. Thus it is a great achievement to have thisproject in place and this makes this research paper be very relevant as it will help in the reductionof brain cancer deaths and disabilities (Fabrizi, L., McEwan .2011).Many researchers have tried to come up with brain detector as the one shown in thediagram below;Fig 1: Human model in the trial of the brain stroke detector.Rousseau, H. (2016).In the above sensor machine, it is on trial as the scientist used the model of the human brain toenable them to check if this sensor can operate effectively. This new sensor designed is so mucheffective than the current sensors as it has a high sensitivity, therefore, it will be able to detect avery young brain tumors than the way the current detectors ( sensors ) do. With the design ofnew sensor, the neurosurgeons will have an easy time to highly reduce the cases of brain
Designing a sensor6problem which arise in day to day lives. The detection by use Brain Tumor Detection byMicrowave Imaging using Planner Antenna operates at higher frequencies hence it will make itso much easy to have a higher efficiency and this will make it be dominant than the alreadypresent sensors which are operating at relatively low frequencies. This makes their operatingfrequencies to be lower than this our new designed sensor. And because of the higher operatingfrequency of Brain Tumor Detection by Microwave Imaging using Planner Antenna, it will behighly adopted and be preferred over the already existing brain tumor detectors. The realdiagnosis is very vital since different treatments like brain stroke could be fatal to the patients.Microwave based methods requisite antennas that operate in a single or some case a multi-frequency ranges. But for this design, the multi-band frequency is employed since it is preferredover the single – band because of its deeper penetration and higher resolutions than its narrowband equivalent. From the diagram below,Fig 2: Connection of the sensor to the computer.Raul, H. (2013).
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