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RESEARCH PAPER1IntroductionIt has been observed that the political crisis in Syria is one of the deadliest issues which waswitnessed in the 21stcentury. The political actor Assad took all the decisions for the benefit ofthe citizens. He only wanted to protect the country from any type of invasion. Further, he statedthat the jihadists cannot be used in order to show the political power as it shows immorality. Hisonly aim is to bring stability in the country by eradicating and destruction on the regular basis.The country is getting support from the various countries like Turkey, US, Qatar, etc. despite thissupport Syria is facing various challenges which are becoming a problem for Assad to bring thestability.Three schools of IR for addressing the crisisRealism-In the system of anarchic, power of the state is the key element because due tothe power only the state can defend the operations and the activities of Syria and furtherattempt to survive.Institutionalism-Syria is being interested in self, and the actors of rationalization seeksto survive by maximizing the materialistic conditions which pervade the relationshipsamong the various countries("Princeton University - Home," 2017).Liberalism-The domestic characteristics of Syria matter for the internationalrelationships, and it further determines to bring the peace and stability democratically.Strategy and objectives to obtainTo identify the threats to potential allies which are not predictable as it was done in thepast (Williams, P. R., Ulbrick, J. T., & Worboys, J. 2012).To identify the willingness of the allies in order to analyze the risks to further bring thestability and peace in the country.Potential alliesThe elements of the armed opposition as the recipients of the assistance of military is challengingand complicated which are further being treated as the potential allies for the Syria. Moreover,the actors in the rebellion are presently contesting the essential areas of Syria("President Basharal-Assad Interview: "It's our Right to Defend our Country against any Kind of Invasion", 2017).
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