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Research Project Assignment- Impact of Brand Image

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ABSTRACTIn respect to conduct the present research, main purpose is to identify impact of brandimage on customers. In this regard, different tools and techniques has been implemented thatassists to assess outcomes in significant manner. Further, customer behaviour and their purposeshas been identified to analysis impact of the project on the objectives and aims. With the help ofthematic analysis, research data has been identified that assists to make creative results atworkplace. Most important results has been identified that are _____________________. (Writeimportant elements)
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In order to carry the present research, I want to thank my sincere gratitude to___________, which is manager of Marks and Spencer. From the support of them, I did myresearch project in systematic manner. Further, I gain more information that are useful to carryprogram in the different areas of the study. I wish to give my gratitude to other members as wellwho support and provide useful knowledge regarding business unit. Further, I want to thank my mentor ___________ because they gave me guidance andencouraging towards the project work. My director also give me opportunities to embark thepresent study so that I am also thankful to them.
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Title: To identify the brand image which impact on the customer perception -A case study of Marks and Spencer”CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONKeywordsBrand imageCustomer perceptionTools and techniques for enhance brand imageResearch methodology1.1 Research project descriptionCustomer perception is the crucial element that assists to attract several customersthrough produce more products and services according to their demand. It is typical to developthe target market and ascertain more creative functions and operations at workplace. In thisregard, the organisation also require attain competitive advantages that assists to gain corecompetencies through different elements such as marketing, production, services, location, etc.As per the customer choice, organisation gain more profits and revenue through attract them atworkplace. Hence, they can grow and access success to produce effective results at workplace.Other than the customer needs, customer decisions also determines which could be influence tothe decision to buying particular products and services (Nazari, Ghasemi and Saeidi, 2015).When the organisation able to deliver their effective needs and wants to the customers, brandimage will be enhances that assists to meet with success and growth of the organisation.Therefore, customer behaviour is the crucial element which assists to identify needs and demandof the people at workplace. Along with this, study of individual, group and organisation also determines that createeffective functioning at workplace. It could be stated that consumer behaviour is the flexibleelement that assists to attract customers easily (Suryonaningsih, Paramita and Hasiholan, 2016).Therefore, different factors assists to attract people at affordable price for products and services.It also assists to enhance the brand image of the organisation in customer minds so thatcompetitive factors determines that create effective results at workplace. Customer target is theimportant point that assists to enhance profits and revenue at workplace. Therefore, it isimportant feature that create good brand image in the target customers. Hence, products and1
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services of the organisation develops effective results at workplace (Chan, Leung Ng and Luk,2013). 1.2 Aims and objectivesResearcher aim“To identify the brand image which impact on the customer perception - A case study of Marksand Spencer”Research objectivesTo analysis and understand the concept of brand image with its effectiveness to the retailorganisation.To identify concept of consumer behaviour and their choices.To analysis factors which influence to the customer perception and their choice.To identify strategics through the business will increase their brand image and determinespositive impact on the customer minds perception. Research questionsWhat do you understand by the concept of brand image and its effectiveness to the retailorganisation?What is the concept of consumer behaviour and their choices?What are the factors which could be influence to customer perception and their choices?What are the strategies which increase brand image of the company and create positiveimpact on the customer mind?1.3 Literature reviewConcept of the brand image and its effectiveness to the retail sector organisationAs per the view of Nazari, Ghasemi and Saeidi, (2015), brand image has direct link withthe customer demand and requirements. When the enterprise able to deliver effective results tocustomer, they can easily ascertain needs and wants of them. As results, it creates positive imageon the business. In this aspect, Marks and Spencer need to concentrate on their effective productsand services through they are able to deliver effective results at workplace. On the other hand,Hwang and Lee, 2015) stated that unique activities and creativity assists to create effectiveresults in the customer minds. In this regard, the organisation could easily target their customerswhich create brand image at workplace. Further, brand image is the creative element whichcreate beliefs of the customers for goods and services of the enterprise. When they are like to the2
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