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Research Project Assignment - Impact of digital technology on business activity of SMEs

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________ Student ID:______________________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________ Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title:Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTitle or working title of the research project (in the form of aquestion, objective or hypothesis)To Identify the impact of digital technology on business activity ofSMEs. A case study on Ensoft Ltd.Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer?What do you want to learn how to do? What do you want to findout?):To determine the concept of Artificial Intelligence.To identify various issues faced by firm while implementing Artificial Intelligence.To determine different field in which Artificial Intelligence can be implemented.To examine the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for increasingproductivity and profitability of business.Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectReasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects youare studying, personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills youwant to improve, why the topic is important):The main reason behind selecting this project is to enhance the learnerskills and knowledge towards the concept of Artificial Intelligence. By this,researcher can easily take right decision towards the research topic.1
Section Three: Literature sources searchedUse of key literature sources to support your research question,objective or hypothesis:Concept of Artificial IntelligenceAccording toZang and et. al., (2015), Artificial Intelligence is considered as anarea of computer science which is essential in emphasizing the creation ofnew intelligent machines that generally works or reacts like humans.There are various activities of artificial intelligence such as speechrecognition, planning, learning and problem solving as well. It is a branchof computer science and the major of creation intelligent machines is tohandle several works in an appropriate manner. This include several coreproblems regarding programming computers for certain traits such asreasoning,perception, learning and problem solving that support in aparticular research. On the other side, an Artificial Intelligence isprogressing in very fluent manner. This is one of the best innovation whichhelps in numerousworks including big data, medical research andautonomous vehicles etc. these are some example of incredible applicationthat generally emerge with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)development. It is necessary to understand the basic concept of artificialintelligence so that clear knowledge can be gained regarding benefits ofthis digital tool.Identify various issues that face by firm during implementing ArtificialIntelligenceThere are various kinds of issues or problems that can be occurred duringimplementing and adopting Artificial Intelligence within organisation.Therefore, Ensoft Ltd are required to overcome these issues andchallenges for meeting desired outcomes in an effective manner. Someissues are as following;Artificial Intelligence human interface:As per the views ofFallon and, (2015),It is the major issue in this digital tool where it is founded thatshortage of data science skills and knowledges can become a majorchallenge for an organisation.Investment:This is another biggest issues for businesses whileimplementing artificial intelligence because it may require higherinvestments.Lack of computer power:The reasons behind of occurring several issuesis that lack of computer power as it shows the most promises by machineand deep learning so that huge number of calculations can be made invery quick manner.Fields for implementing artificial intelligence in an organisationAccording toNourani and et. al. (2014),Every organisation have tounderstand Artificial Intelligence and its potentials if they hope to stayahead and achieve success during the game. It is essential fororganisation in grabbing various opportunities and gaining best possibleoutcomes in an appropriate way. There are defined various fields andareas where Ensoft Ltd can introduce the Artificial Intelligence such as:2
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