Research Ethics Approval Form


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Research ethics approval form
All students conducting research activity that involves human participants or the use of data, collected from human
participants, may be required to gain ethical approval before commencing their research. Please answer all relevant
questions and note that your form may be returned if incomplete.
For further support and guidance please see your Unit Tutor.
Before completing this form, we advise that you discuss your proposed research fully with your Unit Tutor. Please
complete this form in good time before your research project is due to commence.
Student Details
Student Name Student ID
Start date: 21-9-20
End date:
HNC/HND in Hospitality Management 2019 1
Research Ethics Approval Form_1

Section Two: Project summary
Please select all research methods that you plan to use as part of your project:
Use of Personal Records
Data Analysis
Action Research
Focus Groups
Other (please specify)
Section Three: Participants
Will your research involve human participants? Yes
HNC/HND in Hospitality Management 2019 2
Research Ethics Approval Form_2

Who are the participants? Tick all that apply
Young people
aged 1718:

Ages 1216: Adults:
How will participants be recruited (identified and approached)?
Participants will be identified and approached through survey and interviews.
Describe the process you will use to inform participants about what you are doing:
Email will be used to inform participants.
How will you obtain consent from participants? Will this be written? How will it be made clear to participants that
they may withdraw consent to participate at any time?
HNC/HND in Hospitality Management 2019 3
Research Ethics Approval Form_3

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