Managing cultural diversity in the workplace (Doc)

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TOPIC: Managing cultural diversity in the workplace.INTRODUCTION Overview of ResearchDiversity introduces as identifying, knowing and accepting the individual differencesirrespective of race, gender an, physical ability, class etc. Cultural diversity is quality of thedifferent culture as opposed to global monoculture, akin to the cultural decay and monoculture. Itis related to having the various cultures respect differences to each other. It impute that thepeople use to be confirm with regard to that e others than a person is different. In this, culturaldiversity supports an idea that each person can make positive and unique contribution to largesociety (Ang and Van Dyne, 2015). At workplace, cultural diversity is when the organisationsare open yo recruiting people from different backgrounds. When organisation hire and sustaindiverse people then it bring about various advantages to form and staff members.Background of ResearchThe cultural diversity is when the people differences and represented with in community.Diversity at workplace is necessary for staff members because this manifests in developing betterreputation for an organisation, enhanced profitability for employees. Starbucks is AmericanCoffee organisation and the largest coffee house chain. This was founded in tear 1971 andoperated more than 30000 locations in all over world. The organisational culture of Starbuckscompany is culture of inclusion, diversity and belonging. In this company, embracing diversityincrease its working culture and it drives to business success. This is inclusion of diverseperspectives and experiences that develop empowerment culture and foster innovation, createnew ideas and economic development (Cascio, 2015).Significance of ResearchThis report is based on managing cultural diversity within workplace. It is most necessaryconcept and there is a need to organisation to focus on this for making the business environmentpositive. In an organisation, people belongs to the different culture and their values are differ soit is necessary for an organisation to focus on develop the common culture which everyemployees can follow easily and attain the set objectives. It provides the basic knowledge andincrease skills for conduct an investigation regarding the cultural diversity in an effectivemanner. It gives the proper guidance to perform research activities in a systematic manner for1

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