Evaluating the Quality Process of Tuscany Olive Oil Production Compared to the Rest of Italy


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Research Project Proposal Form(Module 086)(To explore and define reputable olive oil producers)3.To explore Mediterranean diet in depth and the use of Italian olive oil in it. Project Rationale:The project rationale sets out why you are carrying out the research and why theresearch is important, i.e. who will benefit from the research and how will yourresearch make a contribution to either the current literature or industry best practiceor a specific organisation or group of individuals. Theoretical FrameworkPlease read your research project handbook and see examples available on UCB Online. Then complete your own theoretical framework below:Page 2RATIONALE:THEPRESENTRESEARCHISAIMINGTOACHIEVEGOODUNDERSTANDINGREGARDINGQUALITYSTANDARDSOF ITALIANOLIVEOILPRODUCE, PARTICULARLYIN TUSCANY, EXTRAVIRGINADVANTAGESANDANYPOSSIBLEAUTHENTICISSUESRELATEDTOITSGRADE.THEBENEFITSAFTERTHOROUGHANDDEEPINVESTIGATIONWOULDBEANEXCELLENTUNDERSTANDINGOF TUSCANOLIVEOILQUALITYANDWHYPEOPLESHOULDORSHOULDNOTCHOOSECERTAINTYPESOFIT.TOWARNANDAWARETHEPUBLICOFPOSSIBLETHREATSREGARDINGEXTRAANDVIRGINOLIVEOILIMITATIONANDHOWTOEVALUATEITSCHARACTERISTICSSUCHASCOLOUR, TASTEANDCONSISTENCY.TOPROMOTE TUSCANOLIVEOILANDCONVINCETHECUSTOMERSINITSSUPERIORQUALITYThe Aim requires research in depth different Italian regions, popular with their olive oil production. Comparison to Tuscany will be involved in order to establish the quality ofusing them and role taken into Mediterraneandiet.Tuscany Background-exploring region, oliveoil plants, soil, weatherand traditions involvedin producing it alongwith national rivals. AIMTo evaluatethe qualityprocess ofolive oilproduce inTuscanycompare to therest of ItalyPossible threatsof extra virginolive oilimitationMeasurementsand actions takento prevent itIdentifying andresearching reliablesources of customersreviews, professionalopinion, completed andongoing studiesregarding Tuscan oliveoil supremacy
Evaluating the Quality Process of Tuscany Olive Oil Production Compared to the Rest of Italy_2

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