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Customer Service Assignment | Customer Satisfaction

Added on - 28 Jan 2020

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INTRODUCTIONResearch is a systematic process of investigation under which researcher find out relevantinformation about particular topic with the help of various tools and techniques. In other word itcan be said that investor can get depth understanding and knowledge bout topic with carried outa suitable finding and study (Bauer, 2014). The following research is based role of servicequality in delivering customer satisfaction in Hilton hotel. In order to get effective marketsuccess it is very important to identify customer satisfaction level. The report provides a depthknowledge about the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the Hiltonhotel.TASK 11.1 Formulation and recording research project outlinesAimsTo identify the role of service quality in delivering customer satisfaction in a Hilton hotelObjectiveTo understand the concept of customer satisfactionTo define the meaning of service quality in the respect of Hilton hotelTo understand the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction level inHilton hotelTo recommend the strategies through which services quality can improve of Hilton hotelfor gain high level of customer satisfactionResource implicationWhile researcher conducts the research, he/she will use the various kinds of resources toaccomplish the entire investigation. It will become very difficult for the investigator to survive inthe limited availability of funds. In order to decrease the impact of resource implication in theentire research, scholar can use the activity based costing method. With the help of this method,each activity can systematically plan and finish within small time duration. In addition to this, inorder to overcome the resource implication, Gantt chart tool can use by the researcher so aswhole study can accomplish within a limited time duration.
1.2 Identification of the components that contributes to process of research projectAt the time of the selection of this proposal project, there are various kinds of componentwhich have affect and given effective contribution. One major factor is researcher interest relatedto the topic of service quality and customer satisfaction level in the travel and tourism sector.Researcher just wanted to identify the relationship between service quality and customersatisfaction level in the hotel sector (Billig and Waterman, 2014). Effective and sufficientknowledge about the topic is one of the major reason to select this proposal project topic.1.3 Critical review of key referencesConcept of customer satisfaction levelAs per the (Cammarota and Fine, 2010) customer satisfaction is a term which assist in definingthe success of any business organisation. It has direct relationship with company success andgrowth. If customer satisfaction is high then company have effectively performed in the marketand its product and services effectively meet the expectation level of customer. As per the viewof (Eid, 2011) customer satisfaction can be determined after sale service in the market. It meanscompany can only identify customer satisfaction level after deliver of product and services.According to the (Fiegen,2010) customer satisfaction largely depends upon the variouscomponent like product quality, prices, sales representative behaviour, method of delivery etc.Customer satisfaction is term which decides the company's profitability and popularity in themarket. It is a marketing term that measures how products or services delivered by a corporationto meet customer expectations.Meaning of service qualityAs per the view of (Flick, 2011) service quality is a term which helps in increasing anddecreasing the customer satisfaction level. With the help of service quality, customer satisfactionlevel decides. If quality of services is high then customer is highly satisfied and if quality ofservices is decrease then it decreases level of customer satisfaction. As per the view of (Flick,2015) service quality can be related to service potential, process and outcomes. It is a kind ofactivities which offers by marketer to customer in order to meet satisfaction level of them. As perthe view of (Gast and Ledford, 2014) service is intangible and can not affect ownership.Components of customer satisfaction levelCustomer satisfaction is highly affected by various kinds of factors like prices, quality ofservices and product, features of services, delivery methods, behaviour of distributor and
supplier, process of sales etc. As per the view of (Gay, Mills and Airasian, 2011) price is themajor factor which affect the customer satisfaction level in the travel and tourism sector. If pricesare high then it negatively affect level of customer satisfaction. On the other hand if prices arelow then it positively affect and increase the level of customer satisfaction. As per the view of(Hunleth, 2011) service quality is another major factor which affect customer satisfaction level.High and effective quality of services can effectively satisfied the need and expectation ofcustomer so it can be said that in the travel and tourism sector the quality of services candetermine the level of customer satisfaction level.Relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction levelAs per the view ofKassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010there are direct relationshipbetween the quality of services and level of customer satisfaction Service quality is one of themajor term through which marketer can identify that customer are satisfied or not. According tothe view of (Yoshida and James, 2010) if company provides high quality of services then itscustomer may highly satisfied.(Mackey and Gass, 2015) stated that if company requires to gethigh customer satisfaction level then it need to improve the quality of services because poorquality of services negatively affect the level of customer satisfaction level.1.4 Research project specificationThe following research is based on the study of the role and importance of service qualityin delivering effective customer satisfaction in the Hilton hotel. In order to attain this objective,investigator will take some of methods and approaches of research which are as follows-Research philosophy- Research philosophy allows researcher to understand the issue of researchin an appropriate manner. There are major two kinds of philosophies such as positivism andinterprevitism. With the help of interpretivism research philosophy, the researcher has usedvarious theories to test the concept of research (Panneerselvam, 2014). On the other and by useof positivism philosophy, the investigator has able to focus on the entire objective of theresearch. In the following research, the investigator will consider positivism research philosophybecause in this project,. Investigator have to attain some specific objective.Research approach- Research approach allows the searcher to identify the right solution of theresearch questions either by using any theory or hypothesis. There are two kinds of researchapproach that is inductive and deductive. If in the research there are presence of researchquestion than it is inductive research. If the research frames the question on the basis of
hypothesis is known as deductive approach (Neuman and Robson,2012)The following researchis based on the inductive approach because entire research will based on the research question toidentify the solutions.Research techniques-There tow type of research techniques that is qualitative and quantitative.The following research is based on the qualitative because with the help of this tool it becomeseasy to evaluate the collected information from various sources and draw a valid conclusion.Data collection-In the every research it is very important to collect the data so as accurate andmore reliable decision can take by researcher. There are to kind of data collection method that isprimary and secondary. In the primary research takes the information by use of questionnaire,survey etc (Smith, 2015). On the other hand in the secondary research, researcher can use books,journals, magazines etc in order to collect the information. The present study is based on thestudy of the role of service quality in delivering customer satisfaction in Hilton hotel. Thus,research will use primary data collection method under which he prepares a systematicquestionnaire under which contain open and close ended questions. The major aim of thisquestionnaire to identify the factor influence customer satisfaction level and relationship betweenservice quality and customer satisfaction in the respect of Hilton hotel services.Sampling-Sampling is an activity under which researcher selects a group of people from theentire population to gain the primary data (Kassim and Asiah Abdullah, 2010)The numbers ofrespondents are termed as a sample size and respondents are known as sample. The totalnumbers of the sample for the research will be 50 customers of Hilton hotel who have taken theexperience of Hilton hotel services.1.5 Appropriate plan and procedure for the agree research specificationIn order to carried out the research, an effective plan and procedure is very important. Inthe following report, the entire plan will divide into different managerial sections along with thisspecific time frame. This will represent with the assistance of Gantt Chart-Activity/Week12345678910111213141516Preparation of research proposalSet up aim and objectivesWriting view research studyMixture of suitable researchmethodologies
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